Information about My eShop

eShop order options

The Hoffmann Group eShop is as versatile as the range of orders that can be placed using eCommerce. Save time and prevent mistakes by choosing your ideal order option.

Product numbers

This is where you can administer products with your part numbers. Part numbers can be individually allocated under the single product view.

Product filter

With the help of the product filter you can limit the display or order options for selected product areas for your company's users (provided you have administrator rights).

eShop user management

The Hoffmann Group eShop offers you professional administrative tools for your user management. A multi-level approval workflow allows you to clearly define and assign responsible persons.

To be approved

You can see all orders that are waiting to be approved by you or another "approver" under section "To be approved". Approver rights can be changed by the administrator under section "User".

Delivery addresses

You can delete, change or create a new your delivery address (provided you have administrator rights).

Cost centres

This is where you administer your cost centres (provided you have administrator rights).

Personal profile

This is where you can amend login data, personal data and notification settings.
Order value restrictions are shown, and you can also specify a default cost centre.

Product lists

Using a product list can speed up the ordering process for items you require regularly. You can create any number of these order templates, and allocate them to colleagues so that they too can add or delete items.
Single items can be added on the product overview pages or the product detail pages.
You also have the option of saving a shopping basket as a product list.

Quick capture

To speed up the ordering process even more you have the option of importing product lists as CSV data files or to add items via barcode scanner (eScan).


This is where you can have a look at all orders and their delivery status.

Collective orders

To enter a collective order, please add the required items to the shopping cart. At the bottom of the shopping cart page there is a link "ADD TO COLLECTIVE ORDER". You can allocate a delivery address to this order by clicking on this link.


In this section you can see quotations allocated to your customer number. To create or print quotations the right "may print quotations" has to be activated for your account. This right can be allocated to you by your administrator.


This is where administrators can create new users and administer the rights of existing users.

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