Information about vouchers

  • How do I redeem my voucher in the eShop?

    You can redeem the voucher in the last step of your order on the order overview page: Select the desired items in the eShop and add them to your shopping cart. Now go to „Checkout“. On the order overview page, you will find the field „Add voucher“ right under the button „Order now“.

    Here you can enter the voucher code:

    A green success message appears, and the discount is deducted according to the voucher conditions.

    You want to remove the voucher? Click on the „X“ to the left of the voucher in the order overview.

  • Can you redeem a voucher as a private customer?

    No, vouchers can be redeemed by business customers only.

  • Can I redeem my voucher after placing an order?

    No, a subsequent redemption of the voucher on a completed order is not possible.

  • Why can my voucher not be redeemed?

    You cannot redeem your voucher? Please check the following cases:

    • Check that the code is entered exactly as shown no spelling mistakes and extra spaces
      • No errors while copying and pasting the code
      • Upper and lower cases are not relevant

    • Check if all redemption conditions of your voucher are fulfilled. The conditions are noted in writing with each voucher: Validity period: the voucher is only valid for a limited period of time. The validity period can be found on the voucher
    • Limitation to certain products/categories/brands: Voucher redemption may be limited to certain products, categories or brands. Please check the redemption conditions of your voucher.
    • Minimum or maximum order value: Vouchers may be bound to a minimum or maximum order value. Please check the redemption conditions of your voucher.

  • Can I combine multiple vouchers?

    No. A combination of several vouchers is not possible. Only one voucher can be redeemed per order.

  • Can I redeem my voucher several times?

    That depends on the redemption conditions of the voucher. Please check the redemption conditions.

  • Are vouchers also applicable to services?

    That depends on the redemption conditions of the voucher. Please check the redemption conditions.

  • For which eShop functions is a redemption not possible?

    A redemption is not possible for:

    • Printed offer: As soon as a voucher code is redeemed, the function “Print offer” is no longer available.
    • Save as article list: If the shopping cart is saved as a shopping list, no voucher can be redeemed.
    • Collective orders: Voucher redemption is not possible for collective orders.

  • What do I need to consider when redeeming vouchers?

    • Vouchers can only be directly redeemed in the eShop. Vouchers cannot be redeemed through other order channels.
    • For absolute vouchers the minimum order value must be at least 0.01€ above voucher value.
    • A cash payment of the voucher value is not possible.
    • If the conditions of the voucher are not fulfilled after a return, we reserve the right to cancel the voucher.
    • If you make use of the right of cancellation or return, the reduced purchase price will be refunded.
    • We reserve the right to terminate voucher campaigns prematurely.

  • Who can I contact if I have further questions about voucher redemption?

    If you have any further questions about voucher redemption or problems with redeeming a voucher, please contact our customer service.

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