Information about orders

  • Where can I see my customer-specific prices?

    Please log in to your Hoffmann Group customer account to see your customer-specific prices. Please note that after registering to the eShop, it may take a few days until your customer-specific prices are displayed. Orders placed directly after registering to the eShop, will be processed automatically. Your customer-specific net prices will self-evidently be considered.

  • Why did I not receive an order confirmation after placing my first order in the Hoffmann Group eShop?

    This may be because your registration is still in process. Only after receiving the registration confirmation, you are instantly sent the order confirmation as well. Your customer-specific prices will self-evidently be considered.

  • How can I add an internal order number to my order in the eShop?

    In order to add an internal order number to your order in the eShop, you can use the field “internal order number” in the last order step. For this purpose you go „to checkout“ and fill in your desired internal order number in the section “Mode of dispatch & Internal order number”.

    You can either add it to each order separately or have them added automatically to each eShop order according to predefined criteria.

    Furthermore, this field can be defined as a mandatory field via company settings to make sure that every order was provided with the corresponding reference.

    In addition you have the option of adding an internal note to every order item.

  • How can I find out the status of my order?

    You can easily view the delivery status of your order when logged in under My eShop account > Orders.

  • What is the difference between ordering from the Hoffmann Group main range and the extended product range?

    We order items that are not part of the Hoffmann Group main range directly from the manufacturer in order to offer you the widest possible selection.
    The advantage for you is that you can easily process your entire order through just one supplier and, if necessary, only incur one-off shipping costs.
    As these products are purchased directly from the manufacturer, we can only provide limited advice and product information.

  • How can I print my invoice?

    You have the option of receiving your invoice via e-mail, as a PDF or by EDI (Electronic Data Integration). This way you can print it easily and quickly. Please get in touch with your contact at the Hoffmann Group.

    Furthermore you can view, download and print the invoices for your orders at any time under My eShop Account > Orders To do so, click „print invoice“ in the desired order.

  • Can I order non-catalogue items?

    Yes. In the last order step under “enquiry”, you have the option to reach out to us about articles.

    Please take into account that this field is not intended for general information (mode of dispatch, order of calibration services, labelling etc.)

    Note: This field only appears if you as user received authorization from your eShop administrator to see it. If the field is not visible, please refer to your eShop administrator.

  • How can I order a Hoffmann Group catalogue?

    You can request a catalogue by contacting our customer service.

  • How do I place an order via barcode scanner?

    You can place your order via our mobile barcode scanner as follows:

    Mobile barcode scanner:
    Log in to your Hoffmann Group customer account on your smartphone or tablet. Then click on the „barcode“ symbol right in the search bar. After you have granted access to your camera, it opens and you can scan the desired shopping lists or barcode lists. By activating the „add to cart“ button, the scanned products will be transferred directly to your shopping cart.

  • Which order options do I have?

    At Hoffmann Group you can choose between the following order options: by phone, by e-mail, by fax, by EDI or via our eShop which offers you many more possibilities.

  • Is ordering in our eShop secure?

    To guarantee our customers maximum security we use SSL encryption technology. This type of encryption is standard for the internet and is used by all reputable internet shops. The SSL encryption prevents unauthorized persons gaining an insight into your data during the ordering process.

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