The German Supply Chain Act (LkSG)

With the introduction of the German Supply Chain Act (LkSG) – commonly known as the Supply Chain Act – the legislator has created a framework for responsible and sustainable value creation along the entire supply chain.

Compliance with the requirements of the LkSG by Hoffmann SE

As Europe's leading system partner for quality tools, sustainable practices are one of our core principles. We are committed to sustainable and responsible business as set out in our Hoffmann SE policy statement on respect for human rights (PDF). Compliance with the applicable laws and regulations of the respective countries is the basis of our cooperation. We also respect the cultural, social, political and legal diversity of societies and nations. Likewise, we expect our suppliers to act in accordance with our principles.

In order to live up to our claim of recognizing and respecting human rights at Hoffmann SE, we have implemented guidelines that express our attitude towards ourselves, our employees and our suppliers. The Hoffmann SE Code of Conduct (PDF) and the Hoffmann SE Code of Conduct for Supplier and Business Partner (PDF) are particularly relevant in this context. The latter obliges our suppliers and business partners to comply with ethical and legal standards. For us as Hoffmann SE, this contributes significantly to sustainable practices in the supply chain.

We have established an appropriate risk management system and conduct regular analyses in order to identify and minimize potential human rights risks and environmental risks and to prevent, end or minimize the extent of any violations of human rights or environmental rights. We also use appropriate preventive measures to avoid human rights and environmental rights violations in our own business area or at suppliers.

Hoffmann SE Supplier Training on human and environmental rights

We, the Hoffmann Group, are continuously working to further develop ourselves in the areas of the environment, social affairs and corporate governance, to set ourselves ambitious goals for the future - and to achieve them. In cooperation with our business partners, we also want to strengthen respect for human rights along our value chains. For this reason, we have created the following training materials for you.

This is why we are providing the following training materials for you.

Hoffmann SE Supplier Training (PDF)

Grievance mechanism

In order to ensure that the LkSG is complied with in our own business area and in the supply chain, we have set up a grievance mechanism. Complaints and information on human rights and environmental risks as well as violations of human rights or environmental rights can be reported via this procedure.

How can complaints and concerns be submitted?

Complaints and concerns can be submitted online using our whistleblowing system:

To the Whistleblower portal

How are the complaints and concerns handled?

Upon receipt of complaints and concerns, these are reviewed and forwarded to the responsible persons for further processing. If possible, we then seek contact with the person providing the information in order to discuss the facts of the case and initiate the necessary measures to clarify the matter. Further details on the procedure can be found in our rules of procedure.

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