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      Item no.: 573547

      Bristle-Brush type C ⌀ 50 mm Shank ⌀ 6 mm BB-ZS

      Grinding medium code Ceramic
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      Bristle-Brush type C ⌀ 50 mm Shank ⌀ 6 mm BB-ZS

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      Bristle special cleaning discs are homogeneous grinding bodies with a mixture of Cubitron ceramic grit and Aluminium Oxide, and an exceptionally long working life. Extremely flexible and versatile.
      The radial bristle brush consists of individual segments (approx. 1.6 mm wide).
      Mandrel (shank ⌀ 6 mm) with cast segments.
      With curved bristles (type C) for use on profiled surfaces.


      Ensure the correct direction of rotation.
      Requires no accessories for use on straight grinders or flexible shafts.
      On virtually all materials, with the highest possible safety. Removal of rust, remains of adhesive, paint, light scratches and burrs. For smoothing, finishing, polishing, cleaning, and deburring.

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