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      Item no.: 962871

      Hexagon screwdriver set 9 U

      Brand: GARANT
      Smallest suitable drawer front height 75
      Rigid foam quality LD45, thickness 30
      Degree of fill of a drawer in units 9×36
      suitable for workstations and storage equipment Tool cabinet
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      Hexagon screwdriver set 9 U

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      Tool sets in two-colour moulded rigid foam inlays. The closed-pore foam is oil-resistant and does not absorb liquids of any sort. Upper layer anthracite, under which the contrast colour of blue indicates if any tool is missing.

      Suitable for:

      Tool cabinets / drawers with depth 36 units. The rigid foam inlays fill 9 units (149×598×30 mm), or 18 units (298×598×30 mm) of the drawer width.