Tool issuing systems – the smart solution for successful tool management

Companies use goods issuing systems to supply their employees with consumable items, loan tools, electronic items, components, and items relating to occupational safety. These systems are used in a wide range of sectors:

  • Automotive industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Machining
  • Aviation
  • Shipbuilding
  • Medical technology

Time-consuming management of C-items

The biggest challenge for the procurement process is C-items. They are purchased in small volumes, which results in a lot of administrative work in Procurement departments. The ratio between the volume purchased and the effort involved is roughly 20:80. This, in turn, results in high costs.

Another challenge is the provision of the necessary personnel. Ideally, the Goods Dispatch department in production companies should be staffed around the clock. If it is not, there may be unsupervised withdrawals and loss of items. In the worst-case scenario, production may even grind to a complete halt because parts or tools are not available. The search for individual items can also be very time-consuming. What’s more, stockpiling at the workplace ties up a lot of capital.

The efficient solution: a smart tool issuing system

With modern technology you can achieve savings of up to 50 percent in the procurement process. Intelligent automated tool issuing systems combine orders, resupplies and storage in one.

They ensure that items are withdrawn securely regardless of the hour, as personal access credentials can be created for each employee. This can operate on the basis of a PIN and password, RFID chip or fingerprint, for example.

Moreover, you can rely on 100 percent parts availability. The system issues an automatic notification as soon as the reorder level is reached. This enables you to submit a new order or use the system’s automated ordering process. All issuing cabinets come with an emergency release function to prevent production stops caused by an inability to access the goods or tools.

The issuing system can manage cost centres, order numbers and multiple suppliers. Smart tool issuing systems allow you to optimise your procurement processes and successfully manage C-items. Intelligent software also forms part of this approach. It should be intuitive to use, submit orders automatically, simplify administration work and, thanks to controlling tools, enable statistical analyses.

Successful tool management in practice

Numerous companies are already using intelligent goods issuing systems. One of them is DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung GmbH Neumünster, which uses the GARANT Tool24 Smartline system for its tool management:

“The intelligent tool issuing system is used many times a day and simplifies the access to tools for the employees – especially during the night shift when the normal tool stores are no longer staffed. Employees can serve themselves from the sturdy cabinets with up to 90 drawers. In addition, the required tool can be quickly identified, thanks to the intuitive software with search by scanner, key word or item number.”

The works management wanted to ensure that the 500-strong workforce had round-the-clock access to the tools they needed, even when working in three shifts. They also wished to significantly reduce the time spent by employees fetching tools. This particular difficulty arose because there are various workshops across the site, so fetching tools took longer and was time-consuming.

Due to the use of the innovative tool management solution, the works management was not only able to optimise the work processes, but also greatly increase employee satisfaction.

Types of tool issuing systems

There are two types of tool issuing systems. Individual goods issuing systems come with compartments of different sizes. Each compartment contains only one item, like in a parcel station. In the second type of goods issuing system, a drawer holds several items. Theoretically, these items could be withdrawn simultaneously. You can flexibly adapt the small-parts store to meet your needs and thus increase productivity with practical accessories such as barcode scanners and RFID scanners.

Just like the tool cabinets, the systems are available in numerous versions. They are distinguished mainly by:

  • Size
  • Maximum load capacity
  • Number and size of drawers
  • Locking system
  • Power connections for charging of batteries
  • Accessories for drawer division

When selecting your system, make sure that the tool issuing cabinets are secure and sturdy, and that they can be flexibly expanded as required. If your operational workflows change, this will enable you to make the necessary modifications at any time.

Modular and flexible systems to meet future trends

Innovative tool issuing models mainly have a modular design, which offers you the greatest possible flexibility. It enables you to select the size of the cabinet compartments to suit your individual needs, and combine different variants to form a complete system. A central control unit allows you to manage the automatic store system efficiently. Moreover, it is becoming ever easier to visually and functionally integrate the goods issuing cabinets into existing workstations and storage equipment.

Modern tool and goods issuing systems already come with intelligent software control today. They are able to communicate with other systems thanks to a range of different interfaces. In the future, they will increasingly act as the link between purchasing and production systems. This enables consistent, intelligent management of C-items, which significantly reduces the work involved in Procurement departments.

Find out more about the innovative GARANT goods issuing systems:

GARANT Tool24 Smartline

Modular and robust goods issuing system for quick and easy withdrawals and filling. Particularly recommended for tools, consumables and other C-items.

GARANT Tool24 PickOne

Flexible goods issuing system with innovative drum system for the secure withdrawal of individual tools or goods.

GARANT Tool24 Locker

Goods issuing system with compartments of different sizes for the secure and fully documented single-item withdrawal of bulkier items, power tools and PPE.

In addition to tool issuing systems, workstations and storage also include workstation systems, tool cabinets, roller cabinets, tool trolleys, storage technology, environmental technology, ladders and platforms and room systems and containers. Find out more about the topics of ergonomics at the work place and the 5S method here. This takes you to the overview.

Comprehensive service from the Hoffmann Group

The Hoffmann Group offers a first-class service from a single source. Our expert technical advisers for tool issuing systems will help you with the entire process, from consulting, to demonstrations at our premises and planning, right through to delivery and commissioning. If required, we can also train your employees and administrators so that they can familiarise themselves with the new system.

After successfully installing your new tool issuing system, our advisers will remain at your side to provide advice and assistance – either in person, via e-mail or over the phone.

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