Roller cabinet: the mobile drawer cabinet for your professional tools

Conventional tool cabinets are increasingly being replaced by mobile roller cabinets. The advantages are obvious: due to their mobility, all utensils and tools are always available wherever they are needed. Furthermore, a roller cabinet makes organising and cleaning your plant easier. On request, tool trolleys are also available pre-equipped; this means that everything has its place from day one. However, its perhaps biggest advantage is its enormous versatility – due to its wide range of accessories, it can be equipped precisely as you want it. This means that your roller cabinet can be turned into a mobile mini-office with power supply and lighting or a perfectly equipped workbench with robust worktop (e.g. made of bamboo or with sheet metal covering), for example. There are barely any limits to the options available.

The right roller cabinet for every application

There are various possible uses for roller cabinets. The range of designs and sizes is correspondingly large. We present the most important ones here:

The narrow roller cabinet (depth up to 380 mm)

There is the telescopic roller tool box here, which proves itself to be particularly mobile: it can easily be transported in a car, for example for assembly work. It can then be rolled conveniently with a folding pull/push handle on site. Furthermore, there is the narrow design, also with compartments/drawers that can be pulled out on both sides.

The roller cabinet with a depth of 500 mm

It impresses with a higher drawer load capacity compared to the narrow version. The drawers are respectively 100% full extension, but are also available as a version that can be pulled out on both sides.

The mobile workbench

A mobile fitter's workbench with full extension drawers which is particularly wide and therefore provides the best opportunities to work on it. The storage shelves can be exchanged and equipped with a vice, for example. Additionally, a perforated panel or other accessories make the mobile drawer cabinet ideal for both tool storage and working.

The perfect roller cabinet: what you should pay attention to

In order that you can enjoy your roller cabinet for a long time, you should take a few things into account when purchasing it.

Select the right size

Tool trolleys are available in many sizes. The choice of roller cabinet depends on how you want to use it. From the small, agile model with 5 drawers to the spacious cabinet with 10 drawers, a wide range of products is available to you. The equipment also makes a difference. For example, vulnerable surfaces and workpieces are protected against damage due to collision in the premium models GARANT GridLine ToolCar and ToolTruck thanks to the plastic bumpers.

Pay attention to quality

A roller cabinet should be able to meet daily demands and be durable. Differences in quality are particularly noticeable in these equipment features:


Powder-coated sheet metal is not only robust – it also withstands daily shoves and knocks without sustaining any scratches. A special quality class is the ToolCar and the ToolTruck, where the drawer fronts and cabinet stiles are additionally clad with bumpers. In the event of a collision, they reduce the damage to vulnerable surfaces and tools.


It helps to ask questions when making your choice. What is the load capacity? Particularly high-quality cabinets can bear up to 40 kg. Do the drawers have a flat finish or are there difficult-to-clean areas that collect dirt? Can they be pulled out completely or do you have to fish around in dark corners? Is there an anti-tilt device and ball bearings so that nothing can become jammed? Self-closing with damping for quiet and safe closing? Quality pays off in day-to-day work.


A roller cabinet should be smooth running – regardless of how fully equipped it is. Rubber-coated castors with ball bearings provide the greatest level of comfort. Large rollers move better over raised areas and obstacles than small ones. Two castors with brakes for the wheels and the castor heads prevent your mobile tool cabinet from rolling off on its own.


Particularly high-quality assembly trolleys can be individually configured with suitable accessories. The possibilities range from lockable valuables compartments and laptop shelves to information boards and perforated panels as an extended rear wall with lighting. This type of tool trolley is the heart of your workstations and storage, as you can adapt it precisely to your requirements.

Which roller cabinet is the right one? You can find the most important versions here:

The narrow one: GARANT roller cabinet

With its dimensions, the GARANT roller cabinet is ideal for recesses, narrow passageways and wherever there is a small amount of space available.

The versatile one: GridLine ToolCar

The GridLine ToolCar transforms precisely according to your wishes. The high-quality roller cabinet can be configured perfectly with plenty of accessories.

The ergonomic one: GARANT GridLine mobile workbench

The GARANT GridLine ToolTruck mobile workbench provides plenty of space for pleasant and ergonomic working. Mounting of the vice on the worktop is optionally possible.

The robust one: HOLEX roller cabinet

Affordable, sturdy and robust: these characteristics set the HOLEX roller cabinet apart. It is optionally available with dividable drawers or pull-out trays.

In addition to roller cabinets, workstations and storage also include workstation systems, tool cabinets, tool issuing systems, tool trolleys, storage technology, environmental technology, ladders and platforms and room systems and containers. Find out more about the topics of ergonomics at the work place and the 5S method. This takes you to the overview.

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