Tool trolleys – for safely transporting items

In every plant, various goods are transported each and every day. These goods may include packages, files, devices, items or tools. You can transport these goods easily within the company using a tool trolley. It makes work easier and speeds up internal processes. Furthermore, tool trolleys reduce the strain on individual employees and their backs. Due to the German Occupational Health and Safety Act (ArbSchG), the employer already has an obligation to protect their employees against high loads. In confined spaces, the narrow width of the tool trolleys is an additional benefit in order to ensure the goods get from A to B easily.

Versatile application areas for transport aids

Tool trolleys are an essential part of in-house company logistics. Their application areas range from warehouses, offices and courier services to forwarding departments, catering and external sales. There are various models available in different sizes for each area. They can be split into the following categories:

  • Transport devices such as tool trolleys, sack trucks and transport rollers
  • Lifting technology
  • Loose goods transportation such as tipper trucks

Types of transport devices

Tool trolleys are available in a variety of designs:

Trolleys with handles

They consist of a loading surface on four rollers and an ergonomic handle. They can bear various loads, depending on the model. To ensure increased safety at work, they are equipped with at least one parking brake.

Table and platform trolleys

This type of tool trolley allows you to transport goods on two or more levels. Table trolleys consist of two to three levels; platform trolleys are reminiscent of a movable rack. Both versions can be designed with trays instead of shelves in order to prevent objects from falling or liquids from leaking during transportation. The bases used are made of wood-based materials or steel. Height-adjustable tool trolleys have the additional benefit that the load height can be brought to the same level as the worktop, for example. Loads can therefore be shifted directly from the worktop to the table trolley without having to lift them.

Mesh trolleys and roller containers

These versions (which are also designated as enclosed trolleys) are particularly suitable for textiles or plants. They have high mesh-type side walls, whereby the goods are stacked high. These trolleys are fully enclosed and protect the items stored against theft.

Assembly and materials supply trolleys

If employees in a plant work with a lot of small parts, assembly or materials supply trolleys make operations easier. Depending on the model, they can be equipped with perforated panels, storage shelves, storage container racks, open storage bins and multi-functional rails. This means that compact, unwieldy and small-scale items can be safely transported, stored and made available at the workstation at any time.

Sack trucks

Loose materials such as packages can be easily transported from A to B on sack trucks. Sack trucks are also available with tri-star wheels for moving up and down stairs. They are suitable for trips up and down stairs.

Tool trolleys for lifting technology

Lifting technology is particularly used in warehouses where employees have to lift large weights precisely to high areas. Lift table trolleys or pallet trucks that the employees can use to safely move Euroboxes or Europallets, for example, are suitable for this. Lift table trolleys additionally have the advantage that the load height can be brought to the same level as the worktop, for example.

Transporting loose goods

Tipper trucks are designed to transport soil, gravel, sand or wood and metal chips and are provided with a delivery tap and a roller set. Thanks to their structure, some models can be transported with a lifting device.

What to take into account when selecting equipment

If you want to equip your plant with transport systems, there is a range of criteria that you should take into account when making your selection:

Ease of use

The transport devices are primarily intended to make employees' work easier. Height-adjustable tool trolleys can be adapted to the working height of the relevant employee. Foldable trolleys can easily be stored and therefore save space, whether it's in the vehicle or in the plant. Non-slip handles ensure that the transport aid can be held securely in the hand, even with wet or oily hands. Furthermore, special sack trucks with additional wheels enable convenient transportation on steps.

High quality

Regardless of whether it's package carts, trolleys or handcarts – the devices have to be high quality in order that they meet daily requirements. A robust steel design and a quiet chassis provide the required robustness and a high level of comfort.

Appropriate load capacity

In order for the storage trolleys to be able to transport the goods or items safely, you should make sure to observe the maximum safe working load. Depending on the model, it may be 250, 500 or 1,200 kg, for example. Furthermore, the loading surface should be sufficiently large.

Practical accessories

Some transport devices have a modular design and can therefore be expanded flexibly, for example with perforated panels, shelves or additional drawers. A clipboard that you can attach to the table trolley helps you in order picking.

Which transport aid is the right one? You can find the most important versions here:

Tool and table trolleys

From trolleys with handles to platform trolleys for extremely various demands.

Assembly trolleys

Organise small parts in an easy-to-see manner and transport them easily.

Folding trolleys

Space saving and easy to use.

Pallet trucks

Effortless transport processes in the warehouse.

Tipper trucks

Transport and tip out loose goods conveniently.

Expert consultation on transport systems

Benefit from the Hoffmann Group's expertise as a system partner in the industry. We support you in setting up your operation – starting with product advice independent of the manufacturer and 3D planning to supply and assembly. Our specialist advisors for tool trolleys choose the models that meet your requirements together with you. We are available to you in person, via e-mail and telephone.

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