Room systems and containers – flexible solutions to meet any requirement

Room systems are a wonderful invention as they enable you to create new rooms in the blink of an eye, without the need for major construction work. In doing so, you can tailor the design of your production hall, construction site or factory premises to suit your precise needs. Additional rooms – be they temporary or permanent – can be created quickly and inexpensively.

They enable a quiet oasis to be established when employees working in loud production environments need to concentrate on their work. A foreman's office can be located right at the heart of the action, yet still be protected against noise and dust. They are also ideal for if you want to distinguish different working areas more clearly. Whereas room and partition wall systems are based on the separation of rooms and on movable walls, containers enable you to create a distinct, new and compact world. They are not only ideal for replacing site trailers, they can also create robust environments for transportation purposes and for work in extreme conditions. You can find out more about the different possibilities for creating rooms here.

Room and partition wall systems – create areas for specific purposes

Whether you are looking for recreational and break rooms or office and work rooms for teams or departments in your company: room and partition wall systems ensure an effective use of space, greater clarity and clear workflows. Room systems are typically used for hall offices and foreman's offices, as they are enclosed and provide protection against noise and dirt. Partition wall systems tend to be used for production or administration areas. They really come into their own when a variable system is required for operational and storage purposes, e.g. in order to quickly construct barriers and room dividers. Thanks to their modular principle, the individual elements can be combined to suit specific needs, enabling the perfect solution for each application.

You can also perfectly integrate appropriate storage cabinets into your room solution. Single-storey solutions are available, as are double-storey solutions or room solutions featuring a steel platform. Sound and fire protection regulations can be incorporated easily into all variants. In all cases, you benefit from a straightforward, clean and fast installation process without the need for painting work, as well as optimal sound insulation. What’s more, the flexibility afforded by room systems means they are particularly economical.

Containers – mobile, robust solutions

Containers can be used in a vast array of applications thanks to their mobility and robustness. When used as a workshop or service container, they can be transformed into flexible helpdesks, a point of contact for repairs, or a service centre. Room containers can also be used as office or sales space. They come equipped with utmost convenience in mind – doors, windows, power, and TV and computer facilities are all indispensable nowadays. Industrial containers need to fulfil different requirements. They protect large power generators and switchgear, for example, from extreme weather conditions and are suitably durable and robust.

Typical areas of application for containers

Containers can be used in a variety of applications:

  • Offshore: To withstand the conditions out at sea, containers must be absolutely seaworthy. Devices made from stainless steel offer the best protection against corrosion.
  • Top deck: Shipping containers are particularly strong. It must be possible to securely fasten down the equipment, and it must be able to withstand high waves.
  • Transport containers for ships, trains or trucks: These traditional containers can also be re-purposed as service containers, e.g. for performing maintenance work on the transport route.
  • Construction site: Construction site containers are typical room containers used as mobile workstations (e.g. as a site office) or as accommodation.
  • Extreme climatic conditions: Whether you are out in the desert or in Antarctica: containers are used here as protected spaces that keep people and material safe from the harmful weather.
  • Workshop: A mobile workshop – either temporary or permanent – can be set up using containers.
  • Production and manufacturing: On a production site, containers provide enclosed spaces for use as an office or workshop.
  • Storage: Containers can also be ideal for storage purposes, e.g. for protecting goods against dirt, dust and the effects of temperature.
  • Hazardous goods: Hazardous-goods containers help you to store hazardous goods in a legally compliant manner. They are also available as water protection and fire protection containers.

The perfect container equipment to suit your needs

The equipment in every container can be tailored to suit your needs and purposes. Here are some examples of popular equipment options:

Personnel door
Convenient access is important for a pleasant atmosphere, e.g. for mobile workplaces.

From water-tight to break-in resistant – windows transform containers used as mobile workstations into a particularly pleasant environment.

If there are major temperature fluctuations to contend with, good container insulation ensures a consistent climate in the room.

Floor coverings
There are various options for this from non-slip to cosy, depending on what the container is being used for.

Lashing systems
Folding and sturdy fastening options are required, in particular with transport containers.

Fixing systems
These systems have proven invaluable when it comes to fixing cabinets, drawers and compartments in place.

Roll-off protection lip
This prevents tools stored in open compartments from falling out if the container moves.

Locking rods
In tool cabinets or drawers, locking rods keep everything securely locked up.

Foam inlays in drawers provide a space for each tool and let you see when something is missing.

Find out more about standardised and customised container solutions here:

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In addition to room systems and containers, workstations and storage also include workstation systems, tool cabinets, tool issuing systems, roller cabinets, tool trolleys, storage technology, environmental technology and ladders and platforms. Find out more about the topics of ergonomics at the work place and the 5S method here. This takes you to the overview.

We are at your side from the very outset

When it comes to room systems, there are a myriad of possibilities and various different requirements to contend with. What’s more, it is also important to consider complex factors such as ergonomics, efficiency, traffic routes and fire protection regulations. Our technical advisers for workstations and storage equipment will accompany you from the planning stage right through to installation, and will remain by your side during the project. Whether it’s a personal discussion, a phone call or via e-mail – find out which products and room solutions are the perfect fit for you – from professionals for professionals.

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