GARANT GridLine Cupboards

The new dimension in workstations and storage. With the innovative cupboards of the GARANT GridLine range we are now presenting the final missing element in our new GARANT GridLine workstations and storage system. You will be amazed how simple and effective, how practical and uncomplicated, how wonderfully modular this new system is.

Swing door cabinet

Not all cabinets are the same. The best proof of this are the new swing door cabinets in the GARANT GridLine range. A levelling base, or LED lighting – the Hoffmann Group has developed a few new features here that will make your daily work that bit easier.

  • Viewing windows in torsion resistant doors for a quick check on the stored contents, with sheet metal doors for optimum security.
  • Quick, reliable and simple adjustment using four height adjustment screws.
  • Excellent view due to optional LED illumination from the side or with single-point lighting. Easy installation using magnets.
  • Very high safety and perfect cleanliness due to modern sheet metal design with smooth surfaces without snagging edges, with rounded corners.

Sliding door cabinet

This type of door offers excellent space-saving characteristics because no additional space is required to open it. The new sliding door cabinets in the GARANT GridLine range have the same features as the swing door cabinets plus the additional feature of a special stop developed for the sliding doors.

  • Torsion-resistant sliding doors are stopped in the open and closed position.
  • Cable entry points and cable ducts for individual configuration by the customer, removable floor for cable management.
  • Clearly visible storage due to inclined shelves of galvanised sheet metal to accept rigid foam inlays.

Tool cabinet

The tool cabinet from the GARANT GridLine range is a real space-saving miracle. The new concept for the drawers allows you to find all objects that you need in the course of a day (tools, screws etc.) in their place within a small area – perfect in combination with an individually planned rigid foam inlay – for maximum reliability and clarity.

  • Optimum access to the entire area of the drawer due to 100 % full extension in combination with a new type of drawer concept for optimum equipment with modular arrangement systems.
  • Comfortable opening of the drawers due to high-quality aluminium handles for easy opening.
  • Very comfortable to use, even under extreme conditions of use, due to 2-component Haptoprene push handle

Drawer division systems such as rigid foam inlays create more structure and clarity

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Efficiency // Ergonomics // Emotion

EFFICIENCY – High load capacity, optimum use of space and stability

High load capacity

  • The tool cabinets in the new GARANT GridLine range can take up to 2,000 kg. The 2,000 kg total weight can easily be doubled. That’s because two tool cabinets can be stacked on top of one another, thus adding a further two tonnes.
  • The load capacity of the swing door cabinets is up to one tonne, although the heavy duty version offers a capacity of 1,600 kg.
  • The mobile cabinets can carry total weights of 500 to 800 kg depending on the wheel diameter.
  • We offer two different types of load capacity for cabinet drawers: up to 75 kg and up to 200 kg.

Optimum use of space and stability

What characterises the new GridLine range is the modularity that permeates every aspect. The 25 mm pitch is used both internally and externally, ensuring flexibility not only for the arrangement system in the drawers but also for the furniture itself. For instance it is now possible to place a swing door cabinet with a height of 1 metre on top of a tool cabinet.

EFFICIENCY – Quick, simple and safe installation

The user can open the swing/sliding door cabinet and align the four feet with a spirit level using nothing more than a hexagon socket key. Previously the alignment of a row of five or more cabinets was quite a challenging task. Now it’s much easier. We have also addressed the safety aspect: Because all the holes are pre-drilled, the cabinets can now be bolted to each other.

ERGONOMICS – optimum lighting and safe working

Lighting the way it should be. LED profile lights are offred as an optional accessory for the swing door and sliding door cabinets. These satisfy all the relevant standards. Two variants are available; they both operate on the fridge light principle. The basic variant achieves illumination of 80 to 85 percent of the interior of the cabinet. The Extended Version achieves illumination of 100% of the compartments.

In conjunction with ergonomics and lighting, concerns regarding health and safety are also of increasing importance. Cutting tools are often stored in these cabinets, with their sharp edges facing upwards. The risk of injury should not be underestimated. The introduction of LED lighting now allows that risk to be reduced to a minimum.

EMOTION – Unbelievably good haptic sense

The new 2-component handles offer security and comfort. These fit the hand optimally and are even more non-slip than before. And the non-slip GARANT rubber mat ensures that everything stays in its proper place in the drawer. It achieves a double function: On the one hand it secures stored items, on the other hand the raised dots provide stoppers in the longitudinal and transverse directions. That means even a round component cannot roll away in one or another direction.

Cupboards – Made in Germany

If you order a cupboard from the Hoffmann Group, your order will end up in Reutlingen near Stuttgart. That is where workstations and storage equipment for worldwide distribution are manufactured in a production area of 13,500 m². GARANT Productions GmbH offers a wide range of products that meet the individual needs of customers. Customers can either choose a product from the catalog or specify their own closet dimensions to receive a customized solution. There are no restrictions on customer preferences, so they can get a product that is perfectly tailored to their needs.

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