GARANT shrink-fit unit SU1

Hot meets cold - GARANT shrink-fit unit SU1 with cooling unit CU1.

The new modular GARANT shrink-fit unit SU1 with cooling unit CU1 – attractive design and performance.

GARANT's new clamping concept combines unique design, easy operation, an optimum layout and storage for tools. The GARANT shrink-fit unit SU1 with integrated air cooling can be expanded as needed with the cooling unit CU1 and is thus the perfect combination of technology and design.

The thermal clamping process offers many advantages.

This innovative process enables quick shrinking and unshrinking and it achieves very high clamping forces. Increased tool life and spindle life are a result of the good radial run-out (< 3μm). This clamping method also offers good flexural strength and radial stiffness, even with large overhangs. Other advantages are that slim chucks can be used even at high speeds, and the long working life and dimensional stability of the chuck, because the heating is local and yet homogeneous in the clamping area.

A perfect combination: The GARANT shrink-fit unit SU1 and the cooling unit CU1

With this combination of SU1 and CU1 the shrink-fit position is not blocked during the cooling phase and 2 arbors can be cooled at the same time (two identical diameters are also possible). There is no damage to the cutting edge due to positively driven cooling bells. With the appropriate active cooler there is no risk of injury from hot arbors in the work area and an approx. 20 % faster cooling time is achieved. Furthermore, the storage area of the GARANT cooling unit CU1 can be expanded with our award-winning Easyfix system. Due to their modular design, the cooling unit CU1 for contour-dependent cooling can be perfectly combined with the shrink-fit unit SU1 but can, of course, also be used as a stand-alone version.

The tool's highlight

  1. Shrink-fit tool length up to 500 mm
  2. Ergonomic handle
  3. QuickToolHolder – integral tool storage
  4. High-power coil for shrink range 3 – 32 mm (HSS and carbide)
  5. Tool storage
  6. Including air cooling at the shrink-fit position
  7. Storage for screening plates
  8. Language-neutral control panel
  9. Modular design
  10. Positively driven contact coolers, contour-dependent
  11. Perforated panel for Easyfix systems
  12. Storage for cooling inserts
  13. Sturdy stainless steel surface

Quick and convenient

Everything in its place:
Have tools ready in the QuickToolHolder >> Start the shrink process >> Take off the shrink-fitted tool >> Insert a new tool and cool the arbor.

Air cooling insert:
Select the appropriate cooling adapter >> Air cooler starts automatically after the shrink-fit process >> Put on the respective cooling adapter >> Air flows through the finned insert and cools the shrink-fit chuck.

Product video

GARANT shrink-fit unit SU1 / CU1

The SU1 shrink-fit unit with integrated air cooling can be expanded flexibly to include the CU1 cooling unit.
With a variety of storage options and language-neutral display on the SU1, the devices are easy to use and intuitive.
Find out more in the video!

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