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eTool makes virtual tool planning simple and reliable

eTool offers you CAD data as a digital twin of the real product. It is intended specifically for process simulation, virtual tool combination and assembly, collision checks and many other areas.

  • Well over 800,000 items of tool data in 2D, 3D and text format for machining and clamping tools
  • For use in CAD/CAM, simulation and tool administration systems
  • Cut-off point information for assembly of entire tools
  • All data can be obtained via the eShop, Connected Data, ToolScout, and many more.

eTool data formats

  • 3D STP DIN (aligned based on Z in line with DIN 4003)
  • 3D STP (aligned based on X)
  • 3D SAT
  • 3D STL
  • 2D DXF
  • TDM

Why do our customers value eTool?

  • Up-to-date and consistent data quality
  • All data relating to our range provided from a single source, for all manufacturers
  • Quick and easy access
Save time and money when planning work, benefit from very reliable planning and work processes and prevent damage to tools and machines as collision points and machining paths are precisely checked in the process simulation. This allows for an exact simulation of the machining processes and precise testing of machining limits, as well as reliable calculations of the machining time.

Obtaining data from the eShop

  • Log in to the eShop using your account
  • Search for your favourite product in the eShop and select the desired size
  • Select “Downloads & documents” and download the CAD data in the format you require

Find eTool data collections here

  • All CAD data by product number group
  • All new CAD data in the package as an update to the catalogue
  • Application specific catalogues (TDM, etc.)

Up to date at all times!

Always new tool data for articles for the Hoffmann eTool data portfolio of our customers. In addition, we offer new DIN XML data (XML stands for Extensible Markup Language and is used to represent hierarchically structured data in the format of a text file and is another standard for describing product data). The XML schema is specially designed for the exchange of data of standardised products, which are classified and described by means of lists of characteristics. Furthermore, we offer an optimisation of the complete range of DIN CSV data, 3D STP data and 3D STP DIN data. The data were described with new additional parameters and brought up to date.

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