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Process automation and digitalisation: The production of tomorrow

Bottlenecks and costly delays due to outdated process sequences.

Work procedures that are not up to date cost lots of time and money and lead to unnecessary additional work and scheduling delays.


"How annoying! The supplier didn’t stick to the deadline and on top of that we have a difficult staffing situation.”


“Always this short-term procurement – no-one has the big picture in mind. Items that are needed on a recurring basis should be supplied independently as required.”

Work planning

“How do I plan and complete this order without free machine capacity? We won’t manage it with overtime alone.”


“Yet another urgent customer order. The order is very important and overtime will not be enough – how is that supposed to work?”

Quality assurance

“What measuring and testing equipment was used here? The parts had to be reworked due to discrepancies between the values in production and quality assurance.”


“Unfortunately the order arrived much too late in Assembly due to essential reworking. Are there no options for how we can become more efficient at planning and communication?”

Safety at work

“Always all this administrative work! How can I guarantee a reliable supply with no gaps and how can I influence the use of the correct PPE?”

Automating your processes is crucial for your success.

We’re not telling you anything new when we predict an increase in process automation for the future – a future that you will be expected to deal with in your role as assembly manager, safety specialist or quality officer. Due to a decrease in skilled workers, there are fewer machine tool specialists for an increasing number of orders. The increasing reshoring intentions of many global players does not make things easier either. Yet in light of these circumstances, you must also always remain flexible.

Partially automated processes solve your problems and make day-to-day working life manageable again.

Automating individual production steps means easing the burden on your employees, who you can then automatically (re)inspire for your company. This often prevents employees from leaving for other companies or taking an early retirement. Additionally, parts and components can also be manufactured autonomously after shifts have finished or during ghost shifts. This helps to both reduce your costs and optimise your time management.

Another critical aspect:

the quality of your production can be reliably improved with partially automated processes! An intensive analysis of the optimum production strategy for you will lead to better results which, most importantly, can be reliably reproduced. This, in turn, has a positive impact on the working reality of all those involved and on customer loyalty.

What matters now is taking stock:

at what specific points do you already have automated technologies in use? Where else needs them? With our specialists, we at the Hoffmann Group will be pleased to provide expert advice. Our specialists support you with your processes, answer your specific questions, help you to implement the solutions and discuss ideas and potential for improvement with you.

Our automation solutions: tailored to your requirements.

Unfortunately there is no single solution for future-oriented process automation. That’s why we’re presenting various technologies. This enables you to choose whether to simply automate a few areas or your entire process chain.

Why finish by hand when it can easily be done by machine too?

Do you need to quickly rework small batches of up to 500 parts? And on top of that you have to be flexible? Then there is only one answer: the GMT35 vibratory finishing machine. It runs alongside your other work, even in three-shift operation. Take the pressure off your workforce and deliver the best quality, just in time.

Why deburr manually when the brush does it automatically?

And that’s not all: disc brushes installed in your CNC machine or robotic cells pick up where the milling cutters left off. With the disc brush you can rework your workpieces automatically – no matter how complex, and always without secondary burr formation.

Why tediously load it yourself when it can simply be done by machine?

Use the loading system (Gabby for short) alongside your CNC machine. The robot-assisted loading system loads and unloads your workpiece store over the entire shift. And when the workpiece is changed, it’s not a problem thanks to the quick?change adapter on the gripper tool.

Why write it down when it’s so much easier and more precise digitally?

With the Bluetooth-enabled Connected Tools for calipers, torque and angle of rotation, you have complete freedom to collect, save and manage measurement data.

Why tediously clean components when it virtually takes care of itself?

There are some things that you should simply keep your hands off! For example, components with oils, grease, grinding and polishing media and whatever else may stick to the surfaces. Just let the device use ultrasonic waves for squeaky clean surfaces.

Why go searching when the tool comes directly to you?

Industrial vending solutions are the most efficient and easiest way to speed up processes and to establish and maintain order. You might be surprised how much storage space these automated and networked aids can offer for all your requirements.

“Finally – by automating our production we can perfectly organise all procedures and our capacities, reduce overtime and keep to agreed-upon deadlines.”

You would like to be advised?

Our experts will be happy to advise you on the topics of digitalisation and automation.

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