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As a distributor and manufacturer of quality tools, workstations and storage equipment and personal protective equipment, we stand not only for the excellent quality of our products, but also for personal and pioneering service. Make your everyday life easier with our services and digital applications! In real terms, this means you can:

In real terms, this means you can:

Our 4 top services


Find tool data

Find the right tool data for your applications!

Find technology data now (ToolScout)

Download CAD data here (eTool)


Configure tool inlays

Configure your individual tool inlays here

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Workstation configurator

Plan your individual workstation or workbench now

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Chuck Jaws Finder

Thanks to this digital tool, you can find the right jaws for your lathe chuck in just 4 steps.

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The service areas

We have gathered together all our services and applications for you and divided them into suitable service areas. Simply click on the area you require and you will quickly and easily find the support you need. Please check with our support team or your personal advisor first if the service is available in your country.


Measurement technology

Personal protective equipment

Workstations and storage

Clamping technology


  • Machining

    eTool: Consistent tool data for CAD/CAM systems

    Over 750,000 tool data files in 2D and 3D, for use e.g. in machining and clamping tools. Here you can find an up-to-date and consistent data quality, across manufacturers and free of charge.

    Find out more here

    Machining Calculator

    Calculate cutting and performance data for the production methods of turning, drilling, milling and TPC milling.

    Find out more here

    Regrinding service

    Do you want your machining tool to run as well as it did on the first day you used it? Then your tool is in the right hands with us. Original regrinding can result in a cost saving of 85%. We take the utmost care in testing, reconditioning and returning your tools.

    Find out more here

    Find the right tool for every job

    With ToolScout, quickly and easily find the ideal tool for your tasks in the areas of milling, drilling, turning and tapping, as well as measurement and testing equipment. In addition, application data and tool and material information are recorded so they are available for optimum support of your production planning process.

    Find out more here

  • Measurement technology


    You can now have your measuring tools calibrated and recalibrated in one of the largest calibration laboratories in Germany. Our international partner Trescal has extensive knowledge in the field of testing, calibration and repair, and carries out DAkkS calibration. This is internationally recognised and subject to state regulation.

    Find out more here

    HCT App

    With the help of our HCT app, you can add additional functions to any of your Bluetooth-enabled tools that use Hoffmann Connected Tools. In just a few steps, measurements can be taken, saved and sent to a device of your choice via Bluetooth. The measurement data is digitised quickly and securely, ensuring the quality of your data.

    Find out more here

  • Personal Protective Equipment

    Textile customisation

    Set yourself apart from your competitors by personalising your employees' workwear. Depending on your needs, we offer various options, such as the possibility to feature your logo on your workwear. From embroidering, to transfer printing, to laser engraving – there are a number of possibilities on offer.

    Find out more here

    Skin and hand protection plans

    We support you in drawing up glove and skin protection plans for your company, so that you can guarantee your employees the greatest possible hand protection and increased safety at work.

    Learn more about glove and skin protection plans here

    Foot measurement

    Finding the right work shoe is not always easy. We can help you with your purchase thanks to our foot measurement service and wearing tests. Your employees will thus be optimally protected and benefit from the perfect fit, while relieving the strain on their back and joints.

    Find out more here

  • Clamping Technology

    Chuck jaws finder

    Thanks to this digital tool, you can find the right jaws for your lathe chuck in just 4 steps.

    Find out more here

From product selection to maintenance, we are at your side with our services

Select products

Find the right milling cutter or the right jaws with our digital assistants. In addition, our trained specialists are available to answer specific questions about our services and products..

Produkte individualisieren

Customise products

Adapt products to your individual requirements. Configure workstations and storage to provide an ergonomic workplace, finish workwear with your company logo for a high level of recognition, or customise tool inlays to reduce search times.

Add value to products

Get everything out of your product. Don't just buy your measuring tools from us, but also book the calibration at the same time, for example.



With our logistics services, the products reach you quickly, directly and reliably.

Installation & assembly

Complex products, such as industrial vending solutions, loading robots or workstations and storage require special expertise when it comes to installation and assembly. We are here to help you use the products professionally, as quickly as possible.

Make ideal use of products

Get the most out of your products. We can advise you on specific applications and train your employees to use them in the best possible way. This includes, for example, training on the topics of fall protection or Connected Manufacturing software.

Reliable production

So that you can use your products for as long as possible and for your production to run as stably as possible, we also support you with maintenance, care and preparation. In addition to regular maintenance, you can save up to 85% on costs with our regrinding service, for example.

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