Effective tool issuing with drawer cabinets and upright cabinets

GARANT Tool24 Smartline – lots of room in a small space.

Workstations and storage solutions that issue goods and tools have to meet a certain range of criteria, e.g. lots of storage space in a small area and organised storage of items. With the GARANT Tool24 Smartline tool cabinets, this is easily achieved. This flexible issuing system is the perfect solution for storing, managing and issuing machining, assembly and measuring tools, work safety equipment, and other C-items or small parts.

The cabinet system comes in two different models:

Drawer cabinet

Upright cabinet

Our customers are delighted: at K.H. Maske & Söhne Maschinen- und Apparatebau GmbH, tool purchase orders decreased by 50 percent thanks to the GARANT Tool24 Smartline system. The ordering procedures were automated and the set-up times reduced thanks to the central positioning of the system.

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GARANT Tool24 Smartline drawer cabinet

Modular and robust technology for any number of items.

The drawer cabinets are particularly suitable if you want to enable items to be withdrawn and replaced quickly and easily. You can use them to store and manage tools, consumables and other C-items.

Modular cabinet concepts for maximum flexibility and fast commissioning

The master unit cabinet can be combined and extended with any number of extension unit cabinets. Four cabinet configurations are available ex stock in the colour combination light grey RAL 7035 and anthracite RAL 7016. In total, you have the choice of ten RAL colours for the body and drawers. Other colours are available at an additional charge.

Individual drawer configuration

Two different drawer widths are available: 612 and 153 mm. Drawers can be configured in 25 mm intervals to the height suitable for your needs. In this way, you can adapt them to match the exact size of your tools and measuring tools.

Stable design

The system has been developed specially for industrial use. The wide drawers have a load capacity of 75 kg. The narrow drawers can bear up to 15 kg. As a result, it is also possible to store heavy items without issue. The cabinet has a tilt protection mechanism: you can only open one drawer at a time. The drawers open automatically. This ensures quick access to the tools.

Flexible drawer divisions

Dividing material enables compartments to be divided individually. You have a choice of different dividing materials. These include eForm rigid foam inlays, divider plate sets and plastic moulded dividers. As you would expect, the divider pitches correspond to those in our range.

Intelligente Software

The individual software packages allow the systems to be tailored to your exact requirements. This includes, for example, the quick and easy division of compartments using the drag & drop function.

Here you can find further information about dimensions, combination possibilities, load capacity, fittings and dividing materials.

GARANT Tool24 Smartline upright cabinet

The ideal place for your pre-set tools.

The upright cabinet is an addition or extension to the Tool24 Smartline master unit system. It is easy to connect it to the master unit system and is an ideal solution for the storage, management and issuing of pre-set tools. The tools are managed using the existing software.

Stable design

The system has been developed specially for industrial use. The distributed safe working load per pull-out frame is 600 kg. The upright cabinet can take a maximum load of 2400 kg.

Individually configurable

The upright cabinet can be ordered in 14 different configurations – for different tool holders, such as SK, VDI, C and HSK. The cabinet includes 24 carrier rails. The mountings are suitable for tool carriers, carrier rails, shelf trays and perforated tool panels. It is also possible to have up to four base-supported pull-out frames. The hole grid has intervals of 37 mm. The cabinet has a locking system for emergency release.

Quick access

The pull-out frames open automatically. This ensures quick access to the tools.

Here you’ll find more information about the dimensions, combination possibilities, safe working load and fittings.

Optional accessories available for even greater flexibility

The 2D barcode scanner supports other formats such as: Data Matrix, PDF 417, QR code, EAN, UCC, and many more.

With the RFID scanner, you can continue to use your existing systems, such as LEGIC and MIFARE.

Are you looking for some expert advice?

We have a global network of advisors consisting of over 75 e-Business experts, who provide competent advice and who collaborate with you to find the best solution for your procurement management. We assist you throughout the entire process – from the consultation and planning phases through to comprehensive commissioning and training. If you have questions after this, we will continue to be at your disposal, of course.

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More than 2,800 successful installations of the GARANT Tool24 since 2014.


DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung GmbH – Neumünster, Germany

Thanks to the GARANT Tool24 Smartline, the 500 or so employees have access to the necessary tools all around the clock – even when operating on a 3-shift basis. At the same time, the time spent fetching tools has been significantly reduced.

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Lufthansa Cityline Technik – Munich, Germany

By switching to the fully automated GARANT Tool24 goods issuing system, it was possible to accelerate the procurement of C-parts from 4-6 weeks to 3 days. This has saved both time and money

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Röhm GmbH – Sontheim, Germany

Since the introduction of the GARANT Tool24 Smartline, the demand for indexable inserts and grinding media at the workstations has reduced by 50%. The automated tool issuing system operates reliably around the clock and requires no maintenance whatsoever.

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In addition to drawer cabinets and upright cabinets, GARANT Tool24 also offers cabinet systems with individual issuing. Here you can find out more about the system in general and the various cabinet concepts:

GARANT Tool24 system

Click here to read how the intelligent Tool24 goods and tool issuing systems can help you to optimise your procurement, supply and goods issuing procedures for the long term.

GARANT Tool24 PickOne

Flexible goods issuing system with innovative drum system for the secure withdrawal of individual tools or goods.

GARANT Tool24 Locker

Goods issuing system with compartments of different sizes for the secure and fully documented single-item withdrawal of bulkier items, power tools and PPE.


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