The perfect fit: comfortable safety shoes thanks to foot measurement and wearing tests

Wearing comfort and fit are crucial for the acceptance of personal protective equipment amongst your employees. This applies to foot protection in particular. Having extensive wearing tests before deciding whether to purchase saves money and promotes acceptance of the systematic PPE solution amongst those wearing it. It is precisely here that we provide you with support with comfortable work shoes that are the perfect fit for your feet.

Our qualified team will help you to find the perfect shoe. We can measure your employees’ feet on-site at your premises, and provide you with products for the wearing test. We subsequently document the results based on defined measurement criteria in wearing test reports.

An overview of the advantages with the right work shoes

  • Professional PPE specialist advice, both across manufacturers as well as in conjunction with leading partner brands.
  • We provide the optimum safety by
    • selecting safety shoes in line with the hazards.
    • minimising the risk of accidents and damage to health at the work place.
  • High level of comfort increases the acceptance for wearing the safety shoes.
  • The musculoskeletal system, especially the back and joints, are relieved of stress and strain.
  • A perfect fit minimises long-term damage.
  • Reduction in lost working days due to illness and the associated costs.

Our service and your path to foot protection with the perfect fit

Individual specialist advice

We can provide you with first-class advice on-site and draw up individual foot protection concepts – depending on the hazards and personal requirements. Throughout the entire service process, we will support you in selecting the right foot protection on the basis of existing models as well as when you would like new ones.

Support in risk assessment

In a tour of the workplace, we identify potential hazards for your employees' feet and show you solution concepts taking into account all the statutory protection regulations.

Product selection

We have the right foot protection solution for every application. Thanks to our comprehensive range of safety shoes, together with you, we will find the perfect product selection for protecting your employees’ feet, regardless of manufacture.

Finding the right shoe size and foot width

The right fit is essential for the optimum level of comfort when wearing safety shoes. We will measure your shoe size as well as shoe width, to find the perfect fitting work shoe for you. We will also select the right insoles for your employees, too, so they can put their best foot forward.

Wearing test

Before purchasing, you have the option to perform a wearing test with a defined number of test wearers and to order samples to look at in different size sets. Using a questionnaire with defined parameters, the results of the test phase are documented. We will also support you in training the wearing test subjects.

Are you happy with the samples?
Has the right shoe size and model been found for each employee?
Then the required numbers can be ordered. The right foot protection when it comes to manufacturer, safety requirements, as well as fit and price, will then soon be on its way to you.

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Measuring shoe size: foot measurement in detail

Modern and comfortable safety shoes provide protection without stressing the feet. With our measurement service and wearing test service, we will find the perfect support, no matter whether for narrow or wide feet. Models are pre-selected depending on your requirements, wishes and any hazards for the feet at the work place. So that the selected safety shoes are also a perfect fit, your employees’ feet are also measured and the exact shoe size and foot width thereby determined.

  • On the agreed date, we will come to you and measure your employees’ feet ourselves.
  • We will advise your employees if specific insoles are needed.
  • Or we will instruct you in how to deal with foot measurement so that you can independently measure your employees’ feet using measurement stations.
Independent foot measurement following instruction is above all helpful if it is difficult to measure all your employees in terms of time.

This is how you find the right shoe: methods for measuring feet

Determine shoe size and shoe width using the mould measuring system

The right shoe size in terms of length and width can be selected using the tried-and-tested measuring system with moulds – quickly, easily, and above all reliably. Thanks to the 3D surface, which replicates the interior of our shoes exactly, you can experience what trying on a shoe is like. Instead of just measuring the foot metrically, the mould measuring system also takes the subjective experience of the wearer into account. Moulds with different widths for each shoe length replicate the volume for shoes of different widths. The wearer experiences the same conditions as in the original shoe. In comparison to trying on shoes, there is a considerable reduction in the time spent and the risk of having to exchange the shoes.

Footdisc Pro – measures the foot type and size using heat

No matter whether the person has flat feet, high arches, fallen arches or normal feet, all foot shapes can be determined using Footdisc. A temperature-sensitive film determines the shoe size and arch in one step using heat.

  • Simply step on the Footdisc.
  • Wait for the measuring result for 10 to 30 seconds.
  • Note the foot shape as well as shoe size.

This convenient measuring method does not require power or expensive maintenance.

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