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      Article no.: 085188

      Security Check thread locking marker 50 ml

      Brand: Markal
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      Security Check thread locking marker 50 ml

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      Maximum visibility security lacquer for quick and easy visual checking during safety inspections or changes to original settings. Facilitates recognition of any adjustment movements. Temperature-resistant up to 200 °C.
      Extension tip: The handy 4 steps allow the tip to be easily extended to the desired length to achieve the desired marking line width. Easy to use, simply screw the tip on to the head of the tube. The extension tip extends the tube tip by 3 cm for effortless marking in places where access is difficult.


      Outstanding adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces. Ideal for use on connectors, pins, nuts and assemblies after they have been set to the correct tension or position.

      Technical Data

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      50 ml 
      50 ml