The quick way to calculate cutting data

Use the Hoffmann Group Machining Calculator to calculate the most relevant cutting and performance data for turning, drilling, milling and TPC milling production methods. The Hoffmann Group Machining Calculator is an app, which we have developed specially for you, so that you can calculate cutting and performance data regardless of tool and offline – any time, anywhere.

Advantages for you, at a glance:

  • User-friendly interface allows for fast and simple navigation
  • Forward and reverse calculations allow you to calculate the cutting speed using the given speed for example
  • Integrated link to ToolScout and access to our tried-and-tested material database
  • Clear formulae with explanatory pictograms

Drilling, turning, milling – calculate all cutting data using one app

You can calculate the speed and feed rate for the production methods of turning, drilling and milling by entering the corresponding parameters, as well as subsequently readjusting them to the machine parameters.

In the additional screen on performance calculation, you can calculate all relevant performance values such as torque, metal removal rate, main processing time, performance, cut arc angle and specific cutting forces, by selecting the corresponding material and entering additional production parameters.

TPC milling (Trochoidal Performance Cutting)

Calculate the relevant parameters for your application using a few entries. In this case, it is possible to calculate the cutting width, feed rate per cutting edge, cut arc angle and the maximum cutting thickness.

The Hoffmann Group Machining Calculator is now also available in 16 languages: German, Hungarian, Czech, Spanish, Slovenian, Swedish, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Dutch, Italian, French, Finnish, English, Danish and Chinese.

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