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      Article no.: 338460

      Machine tap extension with quick-release chuck

      Brand: GARANT
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      Machine tap extension with quick-release chuck

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      • Long version.
      • Torque transmission via the square shank.
      • The leading end of the extension is fitted with a quick-release chuck.
      • The rear end of the extension is to DIN, so that the extension can be mounted either in a quick-change tapping head or in an ER collet for taps with a square shank.


      • Time-saving exchange of taps with repetition accuracy and quick-change adapter.
      • Almost any combination of extensions available, due to the identical diameter D3 and drive square K2.


      For tapping in confined places, such as recesses, offsets, sharp edges on jigs, extremely deep internal threads, or directly into casting walls.

      Suitable for:

      Arbor for machine tap extension No. 338462 or 338464, and conventional collet systems.