GARANT Softcut milling cutters

Milling cutters for the best machining results

The GARANT Softcut® tool family – suitable for all your applications!
Softcut® stands for geometries that reduce cutting forces, perfectly matched carriers and inserts and cutting material consistency. The GARANT Softcut® tools are versatile and deliver the best machining results for every application.

The latest member of the Softcut family

The GARANT high performance indexable milling cutter Softcut45° delivers convincing machining results.

GARANT range of tool bodies:
The GARANT milling heads are available with different tooth pitches in the diameter range from 32mm to 250mm.

The positive cutting action, a distintive feature of the Softcut45, makes it possible to achieve high-quality surface finishes.

Smooth cutting:
The GARANT high-performance indexable milling cutter is extremely smooth cutting due to perfectly matched tool carrier and inserts.

Indexable inserts:
The well-known and proven GARANT Softcut substrates are available for all conventional materials.

WIPER indexable inserts:
The best possible surface finishes can be achieved by using WIPER indexable inserts.

Finishing with Wiper inserts

Reducing surface roughness to a minimum.
By using one or more Wiper inserts it is possible to either achieve an excellent surface finish or to significantly increase the feed rate whilst producing a consistently high surface finish.

Wiper inserts are fitted to the adjustable insert seating and should stand approx. 0.05 mm forward of conventional inserts. If no adjustable insert seating is available then the Wiper insert is fitted to the insert seating that projects the most. Due to its projection the Wiper insert is subject to higher forces – which can lead to vibration. Therefore only use them at medium depths of cut and only use a limited number.

  1. General cutting sequence without Wiper insert
  2. General cutting sequence with Wiper insert

Application recommendations:
Feed rate / revolution should be approx. 60 % of the Wiper flat chamfer edge (max.: 80 %). Cutting depth ap = 0.5 to 0.8 mm. (Recommendation for best surface finish) Choose a tool carrier with larger diameter and close pitch. Use cooling lubricant especially for M and S materials.

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