GARANT GridLine workbenches

That’s because in the search for an innovative system for workstations and storage we have found the perfect solution for you. It’s amazingly simple and effective, it’s clearly structured and yet leaves ample scope for individuality. At the end you will discover that the GARANT GridLine series combines efficiency with ergonomics and emotion and is going to revolutionise the workstations and storage segment.

GridLine Vario workbench

Vario workbenches with a modular principle: High level of modularity and maximum flexibility.

The new GARANT GridLine vario workbenches provide you with maximum freedom of design. As a member of the new GridLine series, a great deal of new expertise and a number of new features are incorporated into these workbenches.

  • No overhang: Workbenches can be freely combined, whether to form working islands or long rows.
  • Suport leg: 50 mm wide feet of tubular steel create a sleek look with maximum stability. Smooth surfaces without snagging edges, with rounded corners ensure very high safety.
  • Height adjustment: Manual – as insert with an adjustment range or electric with a stepless adjustment range.

workbenches and workstations

GridLine rolling workbench ToolTruck for L-BOXX

GARANT GridLine Rollwerkbank ToolTruck

  • Equipped with a worktop made of X-ABS for highly demanding technical applications.
  • Contains an open compartment with four pull-out shelves, suitable for four modular plastic cases L-BOXX®, which can be quickly and easily engaged and released.
  • Two modular plastic cases L-BOXX® size 102 and size 136 will fit, or alternatively: two size 102 and one size 238 (if the third pull-out shelf is removed).
  • Cabinet stiles are clad with LDPE bumpers.
  • A central locking system locks the door, drawers and pull-out shelves.

GridLine electrically self-propelled workbench

Electrically self-propelled workbench

The highlight of the new GARANT GridLine series, and also an absolute first on the market, is the electrically self-propelled workbench. Discover for yourself the many advantages of easy and mobile working.

  • Handles for drive control: Pleasant ergonomic handle position. Stepless speed control (from 0 – 4 km/h). Readiness display by LED. Forwards and reverse operation.
  • Chassis: Wheel diameter 125 mm, ideal even for bumpy floors. 2 castors with brakes for the wheels and the castor head. Fibre shields prevent the castors jamming. Optimum smooth running characteristics thanks to high-quality ball bearings.
  • Drive: Power supply from built-in battery. Easy transport of heavy items. Solid housing of galvanised sheet metal with 125 mm drive wheel. Ground clearance of 30 mm permits movement across door thresholds and other irregularities. Protection class IPX4 (sprayed water from all sides).

GridLine electrically height-adjustable workbench

Electrically height-adjustable workbench

This workbench supports your daily work with many electric features. Above all the built-in battery, which provides power for 8 hours of cordless operation.

  • Elektrische Höhenverstellung: Einfache Bedienung durch Handtaster (860 mm – 1.050 mm). Tragfähigkeit der Werkbank 400 kg.
  • Manual chassis: Large wheel diameter, ideal even for bumpy floors and thresholds. Two castors with brakes for the wheels and the castor head.
  • Battery power supply: Lithium ion batteries, for example for lighting, chargers, power tools, etc.

GridLine workbench

GridLine workbench

A workbench such as the GARANT GridLine series can be used in many ways. And it offers this together with superb ergonomics and the greatest stability.

  • Drawers: Load capacity 75 kg. 100 % full extension for optimum access to the entire area of the drawer. New type of drawer concept for optimum equipment with modular arrangement systems.
  • Media connections: Pre-formed break-throughs for the supply of single or multiple workbenches with electric power, compressed air, data cables, etc.
  • Solid worktop (illustration shows a solid bamboo worktop): A choice of various worktop materials is available.
  • Manual height adjustment: In 25 mm steps from 850 mm to 1,000 mm.
  • Torsion resistant body of steel section – sheet metal construction: Smooth surfaces without snagging edges, with rounded corners ensure very high safety and perfect cleanliness.

GARANT GridLine ToolCars

These workshop trolleys are talented organisers on wheels.

GARANT GridLine cupboards

A new dimension in workstations and storage. The GARANT GridLine cupboards.

GARANT easyFix accessories

Organise your workstations neatly and efficiently with the GARANT easyFix hooks, holders, boards and boxes.

GARANT GridLine Brochure

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