GARANT GridLine ToolCar and GARANT ToolCar XL

Not all roller cabinets are the same. The ToolCar of the new GARANT GridLine series is the best proof of this. Be it end cupboards or drawers, wheels or power supply – this mobile talent for organisation incorporates the expertise of continuous further development.

Features of the GARANT GridLine ToolCar

  1. End cupboard: Central locking of the sheet metal door for security of your tools. Optional power supply with integral socket for connection of chargers or electric power tools.
  2. Drawers: Full extension drawers for optimum access to the contents, optionally with self-closing and damping. Load capacity 40 kg, sufficient for even the heaviest articles. Tamper-proof anti-tilt device ensures that when one drawer is open no other drawers can be opened. Central locking in the handle for ease of opening. Maximum flexibility of drawer division for optimum use of space. Aluminium handle with PVC labelling strips, easy to replace, easy to rewrite the legend.
  3. Ergonomic push handle: Sturdy sheet metal design coated with 2-component Haptoprene for great comfort under extreme working conditions.
  4. Running wheels: Reliable, smooth running and stable support. Proven quality – internally sturdy and impact-resistant, externally resilient. For a very wide range of requirements and floors.

Roller cabinet GARANT GridLine ToolCar XL - more space for your tools

The new GARANT GridLine ToolCar XL is ideal for difficult and tough jobs. With its particularly large wheels of 200 mm diameter it is also perfect for use onuneven ground. The new depth of 600 mm and a drawer depth of 20G (500 mm) create even more space for your tools.

More space, more safe working load and more ground clearance - the solution for somewhat heavier applications.

GARANT GridLine mat and easyPick small parts storage bins

The clearly-defined rib pitch prevents components rolling away and permits registration of GridLine easyPick small parts storage bins. These also fit on the side tray.

Sturdy handle

Handle of steel hollow section 25×25 mm with 2-component Haptoprene® coating.

Large drawers 20×20 G

Suitable dividing material such as slotted dividers, rigid foam inlays and easyPick smallparts storage bins as complete sets for drawers can be found in Group 95.

Note: Drawers of height 200 mm can accept only slotted dividers No. 95 1520 size 125.

Features of the GARANT GridLine ToolCar XL

1. Drawers with exceptional load capacity.

Drawer load capacity 50 kg. Large trolley for large and heavy tools.

2. Comprehensive accessories

Side compartment with sheet metal door with central locking is included as standard. Further accessories such as perforated backplates, shelves, drop-in trays and media trays, as well as bamboo worktops. As you would expect, the ToolCar accessories such as the additional drawer and cable reel, monitor stand and writing surface also fit the new ToolCar XL.

3. Sturdy higher aligned chassis. Two high-quality, ball-bearing fixed wheels and two castors with parking brakes for the wheels and the castor heads, large wheel diameter 200 mm ideal for bumpy floors. Fibre shields prevent the castors jamming. With treadless polyurethane tyres.

Without doubt the wheel is one of the best ideas that we humans have had throughout our history. Particularly since there are no precedents for it in nature. Of necessity therefore the wheels of the new GARANT GridLine ToolCar are the result of many years of development and close cooperation with customers and product designers.

Nowadays mobility has high significance, and its importance is increasing, particularly in the field of workstations and storage. That’s because mobile workstations permit quick individual modifications to workflows. In addition, a mobile workstation requires less planning within a production workshop, because no explicit location need be assigned to it – which certainly gives rise to the great success of the roller cabinet.

The mobility of the new GARANT GridLine ToolCar stands or falls by its castors. Therefore the new wheels incorporate good technical characteristics in respect of their bearings, smooth running characteristics and load capacity. The new wheel tyres are optimally suited to a wide variety of applications and different ground conditions, so as to provide the smoothest possible running combined with low-noise characteristics. In addition the castors are now larger so as to confer greater stability on the chassis.

The wheel is indispensable to our everyday life, especially on the automobile. As an eye-catcher, for instance in the tuning scene, it is of central importance. So too the new ToolCar from GARANT can immediately be recognised by its wheels.

To the GARANT GridLine ToolCar

Design Awards

The GARANT ToolCar from the GridLine series was also well received by designers:
At the beginning of 2018 the roller cabinet impressed the jury of the internationally recognised iF Design Awards plus the jury of the prestigious Red Dot Awards - for its high-quality design and functionality.
Additionally it was awarded the German Design Award 2019 for its modern but robust design that goes hand in hand with a high level of functionality.

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