Dynamic 5-axis milling with GARANT PPC mills and PPC indexable inserts

Our extensive range includes a suitable PPC milling tool for all materials and applications.

The PPC milling process, using barrel milling cutters, represents a further development of ball nose slot drilling. PPC stands for Parabolic Performance Cutting. The main application are are finishing operations of complex free-form surfaces and complicated components in general machine tool building, tool and mould making. PPC tools are also used where very high surface quality is required – for instance for press tools, in order to minimise subsequent polishing operations.

New: PPC indexable inserts in straight and stub conical form as well as solid carbide barrel millling cutters for machining hardened steel (red ring).

Advantages of the PPC process

  • Shorter machining times due to the large stepover.
  • Lower set-up costs.
  • General purpose tool bodies and specific indexable inserts.
  • Higher surface qualities at shorter cycle times.
  • Outstanding process reliability.
  • Extreme wear resistance.
  • Increased productivity.

1. Solid carbide ball nose slot drill - conventional machining strategy
Small stepover -> Long machining times for high surface qualities.

2. Solid carbide barrel milling cutter, conical form – a new type of machining strategy
Large stepover -> Short machining times. Better surface qualities.

GARANT Parabolic Performance Cutting (PPC) - a new strategy for highest productivity

GARANT Parabolic Performance Cutting (PPC for short) is a revolutionary new development for machining free-form surfaces. Since the PPC cutters have a ground arc segment, they are also called barrel milling cutters. The arc segment affects the engagement area on the workpiece, which leads to significant advantages compared to machining with normal ball nose slot drills. This video shows how these advantages can be proven mathematically, and shows the various tool profiles offered by the GARANT portfolio.


Profiles and application options of the GARANT PPC milling tools

1. Precision copy milling cutters, turquoise: straight form, brown: stub conical form
No. 21 2590 – 21 2620 with precision milling inserts No. 21 2764 – 21 2799

2. Solid carbide PPC barrel milling cutter, stub conical form
Suitable for initial preparation where there are interfering contours present. No. 20 7542

3. Solid carbide PPC barrel milling cutter, straight form
For freely accessible surfaces, without interfering contours. No. 20 7514

4. Solid carbide PPC barrel milling cutter, conical form
Für For surfaces with interfering contours and for large surfaces. Due to their special end face geometry, they are also ideal for initial preparation. Permits the largest Rw. No. 20 7531

5. Solid carbide PPC barrel milling cutter, tangential form
For deep cavities that are difficult to access. Due to their special end face geometry, they are also ideal for initial preparation. No. 20 7517

The right tool for every material

Overview of PPC tools by material group division according to DIN ISO 513

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