ESD clothing and gloves for optimum protection against electrostatic discharge

When do I need to wear ESD clothing and gloves?

If you work with electronic assemblies, there is a risk that uncontrolled electrostatic discharges (ESD) could visibly damage them, interfere with their function or lead to operational failure later on.

An ESD protected area, also known as an EPA (electrostatic protected area), provides effective protection against damage caused by electrostatic discharge. All precautionary measures are taken here to be able to work with electrostatically sensitive assemblies without damaging them.

Here you’ll find the most important information about the topic of ESD, EPA and electrostatic charge.

Choose the right ESD clothing and ESD gloves

According the requirements stipulated in DIN EN 61340-5-1, in addition to the set-up of an extensive ESD protected area (EPA), wearing ESD clothing and ESD gloves is an important requirement for preventing electrostatic charge and for protecting electronic assemblies and components by means of controlled dissipation.

ESD clothing

ESD work clothing prevents damage that may be caused by electrostatic discharge, as it contains embedded fibres that either prevent electrostatic charge or enable these to dissipate in a controlled manner – thereby creating a safe working environment. Get in touch to arrange comprehensive consultation.

ESD gloves

If you work at an ESD workstation, you must use ESD gloves, as these not only protect your hands and products but also prevent uncontrolled electrostatic discharge.

Warning: ESD gloves are not suitable for working with live cables and will not protect you against electric shocks.

In addition to ESD clothing and ESD gloves, an ESD workstation, ESD shoes and an ESD check are also part of an extensive ESD-safe zone.

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The Hoffmann Group provides you with everything from a single source:

  • We can develop a tailor-made EPA for you
  • And provide you with the appropriate products for dealing with ESD-sensitive assemblies.
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You can find an explanation of all of the most important terms concerning the topic of ESD/EPA here:

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