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      Article no.: 081485

      LED torch with batteries P3

      Brand: Led Lenser
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      LED torch with batteries P3

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      LED lenses are amongst the technology leaders for LED torches. Within the splash-proof aluminium housing, all the contacts are gold-plated, high-quality lenses gather the light uniformly and without losses. All these high-class torches incorporate the patented Advanced Focus System.
      High-performance line of LED LENSES for general- purpose use. Drop tested from a 1 m height.
      • Advanced Focus System (AFS)
        The Advanced Focus System is a combination of lens and reflector, thus incorporating the advantages of both systems. The result is an outstanding concentration of light in focus, together with a largely homogeneous unfocussed light beam. This makes the AFS one of the best focussing systems in the world for LED lamps.
      • Rapid Focus
        Conventional focussing systems with twist knobs must be operated manually with both hands. Rapid Focus, on the other hand, allows quick adjustment of the light beam with only one hand.