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      Article no.: 424906

      Indicating snap gauge with measuring jaws 0-40 mm

      Brand: Mahr
      Packaging sturdy box
      Norm Manufacturer’s standard
      Calibration M5
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      Indicating snap gauge with measuring jaws 0-40 mm

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      With wide, carbide-tipped jaws. For measuring diameters of narrow shoulders, centring wheels, pockets in shafts, spacing of grooves and tooth pitches WK for determining the tooth widths of spur and helical gears.
      Powerful, forged steel frame with thermal insulation. Anvils made of stainless, hardened steel. Anvil spring mounted, can be pulled back by a lever to insert the component. Anvil adjustable over the measuring range by rack and knurled screw. Setting by gauge blocks. Adjustable centring back-stop for setting component centre. Constant measuring force ensured by built-in measuring force spring. Can be used with all dial indicators (not included in the price) with 8 mm clamping shank. Dial comparators No. 434674 sizes 25/0.5 and 50/1 or No. 434670 are preferred. Out-of-tolerance component values can be read numerically on the dial indicator.

      Supplied with:

      Without dial indicator, with a wooden box.

      Optional extras:

      Setting standards for dial comparators No. 434670 and 434674. Cast micrometer stand, holder for dial comparator for straight-line transmission of the measurement movement, anvils.