Glove Plan: Proper Use of Protective Gloves

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Safe and productive work is only possible with perfectly protected hands. As well as specifying and choosing suitable protective gloves, organising hand protection at the workplace includes drafting a reliable glove plan. A glove plan lays down precise rules for your workforce governing which gloves should be worn for which job. Making sure that the gloves used match the job helps you improve your company's workplace health and safety. A good glove plan will also help your personnel keep their skin healthy and hands free of injury. Our PPE experts will assist you in drafting a glove plan, hand-picked to match your business’s requirements.

The benefits of a tailored glove plan at a glance

  • Increase glove wearers’ know-how and awareness over the long term.
  • Improve willingness to wear protective gloves.
  • Best-possible hand protection for employees and better safety at work.
  • Lower costs through fewer accidents at work.
  • Communicating potential dangers and how to avoid them raises transparency at the workplace.
  • Better cost-effectiveness and reduced stock levels by standardising glove types.
  • Compliance with documentation requirements stipulated by the employers' liability insurance association and simplified checks by the employers' liability insurance association (Germany only).

What you need to know about a glove plan:

What is a glove plan?

A glove plan is a set of instructions derived from a risk assessment. At the same time, a glove plan is also a clearly structured document for the workforce, which defines and prescribes the gloves suitable to be worn at the various workstations and for the various jobs. Such a plan explicitly and clearly instructs a worker on which protective gloves they should be wearing when performing their work. In addition, the plan minimises the risk of getting different types of protective gloves mixed up – improving workplace health and safety and keeping your business running smoothly.

What does a glove plan look like and what does it include?

  1. Company logo and name of person responsible on site
  2. Glove category
  3. Glove colour
  4. Item designation
  5. Hoffmann Group item number and customer’s item number
  6. Product image
  7. Standard code and PPE category
  8. Where and when the respective hand protection is used in the company
  9. Additional information about the glove

Where and how do I put up the glove plan?

A glove plan is provided by the employer and should be freely accessible to all personnel. It should further be attached somewhere near the workstation where it will be clearly visible. These places are also where the products specified in the glove plan are kept on hand.

Hand-picked for you: get tailored consultation on setting up your perfect glove plan

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Get in touch with us anytime or ask your contact about glove plans next time they visit your company. They’ll be ready to answer all your questions and assist you along the way.

On-site workstation analysis

No glove plan without a risk assessment. The hazards occurring at a workstation, the current condition of the PPE (existing samples, if available) as well as the standards and directives applicable need to be compiled. If your jobs involve handling chemicals, you can give your contact a copy of your list of hazardous substances right away so they can check permeation times and adjust the choice of gloves to match the requirements.

Making a first choice of suitable hand protection

The results of the workstation analyses will allow you to choose suitable protective gear for each workstation. Our wide range of protective equipment from reputable manufacturers will let you build up a supply of PPE gloves to counter a multitude of risks. Our specialist consultants will be happy to help you make a choice to match the hazards.

Try for fit: try out the gloves you have chosen

Once you have made your preliminary choice, order your protective gloves to try them out. Our specialist consultants will be happy to help you instruct the people wearing them, and assist you in conducting and evaluating tests.

Final choice and drafting the glove plan

Once you’re happy with your choice, a definition of the suitable protective gloves is added to the glove plan, you will be sent the gloves and you and your workforce will receive training in how to use them.


Your glove plan and certificates should be checked for compliance with the latest requirements every 12 to 14 months. Changes or amendments to work procedures or new risks can be accounted for in the plan at any time. All your safety representative needs to do is get in touch and Hoffmann will help you update your glove plan.

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