Your personal workstation configurator – plan your industrial modular workstation in just a few clicks

Individual workstation design in 3D

You know the situation: configuring a workstation requires a large amount of manual effort and you need a catalogue or other documents to put it together. And yet it is not always immediately obvious what is actually technically feasible, how adding new components changes the overall price and how the finished product will look. Planning is therefore often complex and imprecise.

With our Hoffmann Group workstation configurator, you can easily create your modular workstation in 3D online – precisely according to your needs and for free. Error-free design of your workstation on your desktop or tablet is therefore ensured.

Through 3D visualisation, you can see your configured workstation in real time and can immediately see whether all of the components you want are present. You will be shown suitable accessories directly and can add them with a click. For a flexible workstation design in the workshop, production or for assembly workstations – with a worktable, packing table, workbench as well as perforated panels, drawers, work lamps and much more.

You can save your configurations, share them and modify them at any time in the project management tool. When creating a new project, copy your workstation plan and then modify it. This allows you to plan your individual workstation flexibly in 3D at any time.

Benefits of the individual workstation configurator to you

  • Quick and easy online configuration
  • Intuitive operation with a 3D live view
  • Error-free configuration for complete process reliability
  • Web-based and free of charge, without software on tablet and PC (Edge or Chrome browsers; it is unfortunately not possible to use the configurator with Internet Explorer)

Easy to use: plan your workstation exactly how you want it

Individual and tailor-made

On the first overview page, choose between workstation tables that have electric or manual height adjustment. The worktable and workbench models are the basis for your next steps when configuring an assembly workstation, for example.

Intuitive and versatile

You can now place items such as swivel arms, perforated panels, drawers, work lamps, cabinets, shelves and additional accessories. You can easily select available components from the toolbar – and create a functional and ergonomic workstation.

Transparent and clear

The graphical 3D visualisation enables you to recognise immediately whether the future workstation meets all of your requirements. You can modify box rails, perforated panels or mountings at any time in the configuration.

Convenient management

You can save your workstation plan as a project, call it up again, change it, and delete it. When creating a new project, copy your configuration and then simply modify it.

Videos: Workstation design with Hoffmann Group workstation configurator

You can see in the videos how easy, quick and customised planning and configuring your future modular workstation is in our 3D workstation configurator.

Test it now: both the configurator and the versatile GARANT Workstation are sure to impress you!

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