Ensure secure ongoing operations for quick, data protection compliant contact tracing.

The ultimate digital solution for distance warning and tracking chains of infection.

“New normality” at the workplace despite Corona

Together with our strong partner and provider of real-time technology, Kinexon, we offer you the digital solution SafeZone. Find out how this award-winning technology is already being used in practice in various sectors, and not only avoid critical contacts but also trace existing Corona infections.

In order to secure ongoing operations, two measures are essential for your company: protection of employees and process reliability.

“Made in Germany” – the first wearable suitable for industry, to protect employees and processes.

KINEXON SafeZone is not an app – at the core of this new technology is the KINEXON SafeTag, a small and light wearable that can be worn, for example, on the wrist. This allows on the one hand that distance rules between employees can be ensured. Additionally, you can sustainably protect your operational processes with the associated software if it does come to an infection in your company after all. And all of this is, of course, data protection compliant, precise and immediately ready for use.

The SafeTag reliably measures the distances between the individual wearers once per second. There are various options for wearing it, for example as a wristband, as a clip or on a lanyard in an identity card pocket. This way every employee can select their personal solution for wearing it and work unhindered.

Whether you work in the office, on a production floor or at an event: Depending on the working environment, the solution requirements are also individual. With the software SafeZone you can define various warning profiles. These are, for example, warning profiles within a small group, distance settings for several groups or also various settings like permanent alarm or rest zones for already protected areas (deactivation of alarm).

Extend employee protection with Contact Tracing

The SafeTag can be extended by a tracing software. This enables the storage of relevant data relating to critical contacts and to trace them in accordance with data protection regulations by your company doctor or works council. In the event of a positive infection, potential cases of infection can quickly be identified.
You can find further information on the topic of contact tracing in the relevantbrochure. (PDF)

Contact Warning

Complying with distancing regulations in force according to government, experts and associations is top priority when it comes to avoiding COVID-19. With KINEXON SafeZone, employees wear a small, light wearable weighing only 15 grams, which warns the wearer immediately before a personal contact becomes a critical risk of infection.

  • Visual and audible warning signals
  • Configurable warning profiles
  • Distance detection accurate to within centimetres
  • No tracking and highest data protection standards
  • No infrastructure required

Contact Tracing

No measure can provide 100% protection against infection. With SafeZone companies fulfill their responsibility. The software for Contact Tracing makes it possible to trace potential chains of infection immediately and ensures employee health and working processes for the worst case:

  • Information about contact proximity and duration
  • Evaluation of contact intensity
  • Individual configuration
  • Simple and fast operation
  • Data protection compliant identification

For contact and further information:

Apply the Full Potential of Technical Measures!

In accordance with the so-called “STOP principle”, technical measures such as the use of KINEXON SafeZone for distance measurement and contact tracing must be taken. These promise, after the complete elimination of the source of danger itself, the highest protective effect.

This is how KINEXON SafeZone can save you hard cash by protecting your employees:

An employee infected with COVID-19 can lead to a complete stop of the entire operation. The financial damage can run into the millions after 10 working days. This calculation example shows the importance of efficient protective measures — for the health of the employees and the company at the same time.

How many employees could one person potentially infect within a company?

Take, for example, an arbitrary company X with a workforce of 500. If it becomes known that one of the 500 has become infected with COVID-19, then theoretically anyone who was also present during the days that the person was at the company could also have become infected.

Of course, the number can be lowered, since some employees were on vacation, others were working in completely different premises and still others were perhaps only working out of office. The first step of identifying these employees must happen within a few hours. In a best case scenario, minutes.
If this does not happen, everyone would need to be sent into quarantine. After all, the protection of employees remains the top priority.

KINEXON SafeZone was developed for this entrepreneurial horror. When this is in use, the warning function efficiently supports employees in their daily routine in keeping a safe minimum distance and thus significantly reducing the general risk of infection.

In its extended version, KINEXON SafeZone also reduces the 500 theoretical colleagues to just a few colleagues who actually had critical contact with the infected person.

How high would the quarantine loss be in operating hours – and in Euros?

“Only” 50 employees are quarantined for 10 working days and are absent:

Up to 500 employees are quarantined for 10 working days and are absent:

Operating hours lost for 50 affected employees:

20% quarantine-related operating hours lost which according to expert estimates cannot be compensated.
750 operating hours lost without replacement – and thus loss in productivity.

60% quarantine-related operating hours lost which according to expert estimates cannot be compensated.
22,500 operating hours lost without replacement – and thus loss in productivity.

The current minimum order quantity of the SafeTag is 30 pieces. The costs amount to approx. € 0.65 per day.

You can get more in-depth information about the SafeZone technology “Made in Germany” in thebrochure. (PDF)

Would you like to protect your employees and operational processes?

Are you interested in this award-winning technology? Then please contact us today, your enquiry will be answered directly by us and our partner KINEXON.

Please note: The minimum order value is 30 SafeTags, the software SafeZone is currently only sold in Europe and North America.

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