Machining Guides Overview

An overview on machining applications

We will be providing information with our guides on various machining applications, from high feed rate milling to deep hole drilling. Below you will find individual guides on the respective areas. These guides will help you understand what tooling and setup will be best for the applications to help improve productivity.

Hoffmann Group UK - Milling Guides

5-Axis and High Feed Milling

Advantages of PPC 5-Axis Milling
Understand how Garant PPC milling cutters reduce the processing time and increase the surface quality.

High Feed Milling Performance
See how you can get top performance at very high feed rates and which Hoffmann products are suitable.

Hoffmann Group UK - Garant Master Alu Aluminium Tooling

Aluminium Machining

Advantages of Aluminium Machining
Understand the advantages of machining Aluminium and see why it is becoming more popular to machine.

View the GARANT Master Alu ranges
Discover the extended range of Hoffmann products for Aluminium machining.

Hoffmann Group UK - Deep Hole Drilling

Deep-Hole Drilling

High Precision Deep-Hole Drilling
See how to achieve precision deep-hole drilling with the Garant product range.

Watch the Deep-Hole Drilling Process
View our video on the whole process including face milling, NC spot drilling, pilot hole drilling and then deep-hole drilling.

Hoffmann Group UK - Boring

Precision Boring

How to Get Precise Boring Results
In this guide, we show you how you can get precise Boring for precision results in 7 steps.

Breakdown of the Boring System
In the breakdown, we look at the two sides of boring - the workpiece contact point and the machine interface.

Hoffmann Group UK - Reaming

Reaming with the Garant Master Series

Check out the NEW Garant Master Tooling in Reaming
We will go over the NEW Garant Master Steel and Master Alu ranges for Reaming.

Impressive Test Results
View our test results of the Garant Master Series and see how well they perform against competitors.

Hoffmann Group UK - Threading

Threading Breakdown

Understanding Internal Threading
Learn all about the various internal thread generation process - one of the most demanding machining tasks.

Breakdown on Thread Processes
This breakdown covers thread tapping, thread forming, thread milling and end cutting thread milling.

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