EDI mit unseren Handelspartnern

EDI with our Business Partners

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the system-to-system exchange of business documents in a standard electronic format without the need for human intervention. Manual management of order confirmations, delivery notes, invoices and other paper documents has a significant impact on the day-to-day operations of departments such as Purchasing, Sales and Logistics. With EDI, once you have sent us an order directly from your ERP system or e-procurement platform, you can directly receive and manage all the related documents (e.g. invoices) in electronic form in your company’s system.

The Advantages of Using EDI

With EDI, you benefit from an automated document receipt and dispatch that does not require manual data entry. As a result, the number of potential and avoidable errors is significantly reduced. Electronic documents sent via EDI are automatically processed and then archived, eliminating the cost of paper-based document management. EDI accelerates your business processes by automatically checking orders, delivery notes and invoices and reducing order processing and delivery times.

EDI with the Hoffmann Group

The Hoffmann Group can electronically exchange the following documents with your company:

  • Orders
  • Order acknowledgements
  • Shipping notifications
  • Invoices
  • Self-billing invoices

The use of EDI makes sense for both large and small companies. For this reason, the Hoffmann Group supports all common EDI standards, as well as simpler partner-specific solutions. Formats we support include EDIFACT, SAP-IDOC, cXML and csv. For suppliers the format is specified by the Hoffmann Group. Supported communication protocols are OFTP2, AS2, http(s), SFTP, FTP(S).

Live Operation

All incoming and outgoing messages are actively monitored by our EDI team. If necessary, proactive measures are taken to correct any potential errors. Of course, we will inform you promptly and proactively if we are making any changes or if there are any malfunctions. If you are planning any maintenance work or if there are any malfunctions, please contact our EDI team directly by sending an email to edi.team@hoffmann-group.com , ensuring there is sufficient lead time.

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Certificate OFTP2, AS2, HTTPSDownload here (ZIP)

Hoffmann Group EDI Implementation Guidelines

Implementation Guideline ORDERS, EDIFACT D.01BDownload here (PDF)
Implementation Guideline ORDRSP, EIDFACT D.02ADownload here (PDF)

Setup EDI

Hoffmann Group EDI Starter-PackDownload here (PDF)
  • Expiring Certificates

    Certificate OFTP2, HTTPS and AS2 (valid to 12.03.2024)Download here (ZIP)
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