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High-performance coolant concentrate HPC VEG

Brand: Jokisch

High-performance coolant concentrate HPC VEG

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HPC cooling lubricant concentrate based on esters, suitable for internal coolant supply and high-pressure applications, free of amines. Ensures cleanliness of machine tools and viewing screens.
Cooling lubricant for demanding applications, free of hydrochlorous acid, formaldehyde and boric acid. High-pressure additives prevent displacement of the lubricating film; it remains on the cutting tool in molecular concentrations even under the most severe loading.


Concentrates protect against rust, do not attack paintwork, and are physiologically harmless, as well as very resistant to bacterial contamination, and kind to the skin.
Improves tool−life, cutting performance and surface quality. Chlorine-free - releases no hazardous vapours, non-polluting.


Multi-purpose for all machining operations (turning, milling, drilling, tapping, reaming, broaching, sawing, grinding). Indispensable when machining difficult materials. Normal mixing ratio 1: 20, for high-tensile materials and stainless steel mixing ratio 1: 10 to 1: 15.


Jokisch slide oils and machine bed oils are available on request. These are perfectly compatible with all other Jokisch products (no sticky residues) and can also be used as hydraulic and gear oils.
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