Hoffmann Group USA offers GARANT premium brand


We at Hoffmann Group USA hope to bring many benefits to our customers here in the States and our GARANT brand is one of them. GARANT is our premium range of products for various applications, offering the highest level of availability at an excellent cost/benefit ratio. 

The GARANT line offers more than 25,000 products from the application fields of machining technology, clamping technology, measuring tools, grinding and separating technology, hand tools, workstations, and storage. 

We know that our customers face new challenges in their work every day, so we strive to continually create products to meet their needs.  GARANT products are innovative and well-engineered due to our very own development team, 12 test centers, and certified methods of testing. 99% of GARANT stock items are available from Hoffmann Group USA with 3 day shipping from Germany. 

If you want the best Hoffmann Group USA has to offer – GARANT is for you! 

Check out our GARANT brand movie here to see all that GARANT can do for your company.

Want to see more? Take a look at the entire GARANT line here and then check out GARANT services here


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