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The GARANT brand is continually looking for ways to improve the tools you use every day. German engineering has rectified the common problem of irregular running during countersinking. With the introduction of Extremely Unequal Spacing, the 90° High-Precision Countersink eliminates harmonics that cause tool chatter. Tool chatter can cause countersunk surfaces to be out-of-round or corrugated.  Furthermore, chatter can cause your countersinks to wear significantly more. In addition to the Extremely Unequal Spacing, 90° High-Precision Countersink also brings the benefit of Drive Flats on the shank of the 90° High-Precision Countersink.  Drive Flats give your tool a better surface for gripping and reduces slippage. The GARANT brand 90° High-Precision Countersinks are German made, high quality tools with many benefits over standard countersinks.

A standard countersink (without unequal spacing) will often lead to uneven running during countersinking. The tool begins to chatter, leading to uneven load on the cutting edges. The torsion moment increases considerably, resulting in substantial load peaks at the cutting edges. The result, apart from corrugated surfaces or lack of concentricity when countersinking, is a significant reduction in tool life.

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The new GARANT high-precision countersink solves this problem. The extremely uneven spacing excludes the possibility of tool chatter. This results in equal and greatly reduced loads on each cutting edge. Tool life is increased significantly and perfect surfaces are achieved.

The advantages:

  • Extremely Unequal Spacing for very smooth cutting action in all materials (green ring).
  • Significantly reduced radial & axial forces to reduce drag & lag.
  • Special TiAIN coating for increased performance.
  • Long service life, means fewer replacements.
  • Exactly round perfect countersunk service for a smooth finish.

All GARANT 90° High-Precision Countersinks are shipped to your facility FREE of CHARGE. Our standard delivery lead time is only 2-3 days from Germany.  When you are encountering the same old problems with the same old standard countersinks, please consider the new 90° High-Precision Countersinks to round-out your processes.  

Hoffmann Group USA is interested in solving its customer’s problems relating to tooling thereby providing increased efficiencies and productivity. Solutions like the GARANT 90° High-Precision Countersinks are one of the tools we can provide to help us reach that goal. For more innovative ideas and German Quality remember GARANT and Hoffmann Group USA.  

For more information please contact Hoffmann Group USA at:                                                             

844-448-7725 or www.hoffmann-group.com 

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