GARANT double-sided grinding disc

Double-sided grinding in a single operation.

Grinds twice as well - our innovative grinding disc with double-sided abrasive grit coating offers an impressively thin design which nevertheless is extremely stable. It is the first grinding disc suitable for safe and efficient grinding in restricted places.

  • Grinding on both sides (no cutting!).
  • Maximum reach.
  • Precise chamfering.
  • Deburring.
  • Edge grinding and surface grinding with a low approach angle (3 – 5°).
  • Weld dressing.
  • Rough grinding and finish grinding (3 grades of grit).



  • Extremely thin (3.5 mm).
  • Very wear-resistant.
  • Maximum reach.

Easy disc mounting:

  • M14 thread for direct mounting on angle grinders.
  • Clamping flange with spacer rings to compensate for the spindle height.
  • No backing pad required.
Double-sided abrasive grit coating:
  • Efficient working in restricted places.
  • Versatile range of applications.
  • Making optimum use of the abrasive grit.
Zirconium aluminium oxide (ZA) abrasive grit:
  • High removal rate.
  • Very long working life.
  • For general purpose use on steel, stainless steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals and wood.

Viewing holes:
  • Optimum view through to the workpiece.
  • High control when grinding.
  • Air circulation for cool grinding.


Grinding on both sides / maximum reach
1. Deburring and chamfering a slot. Deburring and finish grinding in very narrow spaces.
2. Deburring with the front face of the grinding disc and with rear face of the grinding disc in a single operation.

Precise chamfering
3. Precise chamfering with very low approach angle (no projecting clamping flange).

Controlled grinding
4. Three viewing holes in the grinding disc permit a clear view of the workpiece surface.


GARANT double-sided grinding disc

This video will show you the versatility of the new GARANT grinding disc. Precise chamfering, low approach angle and working in tight spaces pose no problem for the double-sided grinding disc. Take a look for yourself!

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