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Item no.: 071120

Torque shut-off screwdriver with ParameterControl Baton offset screwdriver

Brand: Fein
suitable battery - supplier / battery type / voltage Fein type E 14 V
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Torque shut-off screwdriver with ParameterControl Baton offset screw...

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FEIN ACCU TEC shut-off screwdrivers are designed for the most demanding applications requiring precise screw tightening in series production.
  • Brushless EC motors with working life extended by a factor of several times and up to 80 % lower maintenance costs.
  • Restart delay after the screw tightening, to avoid ”follow-up”.
  • Restart inhibit if the remaining battery charge is insufficient to perform the screw tightening.
  • Tight screw tightening tolerances for high screw tightening quality.
  • Precise and consistent tightening torques in any screw tightening application.
  • Auditable screwdrivers, CmK value > 2.0 at ± 10 % (based on 6 sigma) to ISO 5393 VDI/VDE 2647.

The release torque is 25 % above the tightening torque.
Torque shut-off screwdriver with ParameterControl for easy and individual programming on a PC , using the programming adaptor (No. 071135 size 92604163).
Freely programmable parameters: Speed, direction of rotation, angle of rotation, torque threshold and time.
Up to 5 programmable steps. Precise configuration for each screw tightening application. Final switch-off by mechanical clutch. Ideal for optimising the process and time.
Shut-off screwdriver, takes a Li-ion battery. Maintenance-free up to 500,000 screw fastenings.

Supplied with:

Just the screwdriver itself is supplied, without battery, charger or setting tool. Please order the battery, charger and setting tool specifically for the screwdriver.


See No. 654300 ff. for torque testers;
see No. 654381 for torque sensors / rotational angle sensors;
see No. 073836 for suitable batteries and chargers.
Calibration service on request.