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Item no.: 239822

KOMET REAMAX® TS reaming head H7 Carbide ASG3000 DGB-P

Brand: Komet
Hole tolerance H7
Through-coolant ja
Application for type of drilling for blind hole and through hole

KOMET REAMAX® TS reaming head H7 Carbide ASG3000 DGB-P

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In geometry ASG3000 with lead angle 45° and additional chip flute for positive chip clearance along the cutting edge. For blind and through holes.
Reaming heads finish ground for fit H7.
Cutter geometry matched to the application. Adjustable down to the µm range for wear compensation and for very tight basic tolerances down to IT4. For use in through holes up to 5×D.


  • Other sizes available on request on short lead times.
  • See No. 239880 − 239940 for suitable holders.
  • Application data apply to through holes.

Application Table

Steel < 55 HRC
wet maximum