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Item no.: 441000

Hydraulic small stand with magnetic base

Brand: HG

Hydraulic small stand with magnetic base

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Hydraulic measuring stand with central clamping. One hand remains free for configuring the dial indicator. All joints are rigidly clamped by the central button. Patented mechanism generates high pressure so that the hand wheel needs only slight force to close it. Oil hydraulics protected against oil leakage by double seals. Clamping force can be steplessly adjusted. Jointed arms 360° rotatable on the dial indicator holder and 180° pivotable. Dial indicator holder for dial and digital indicators with shank ⌀ 8 mm or dovetail.
Hydraulic small stand with extra powerful pot magnet, similar to No. 085940 size 35, not switchable. Magnetic force acts only downwards due to the double-wall housing. With keeper plate. Particularly suitable for use with lever indicators. The fine adjustment on the base is pivot-mounted on the magnet.


Hydraulic stands can withstand large fluctuations in temperature when the clamp is open. However a certain time is required for the temperature of the oil to equalise. When the clamp is closed the maximum fluctuation in temperature should be 15° C. Otherwise it might lose oil.

Technical Data

150 mm
Magnetic force
147 N
Magnetic base ⌀
35 mm
Magnetic base height
30 mm