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Item no.: 515000

Multi-purpose hand file with handle, special cut

Brand: Dick
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Multi-purpose hand file with handle, special cut

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The blanks are forged and ground; manufactured with an exact cut of even density and depth using special machines. These non-convex files have tooth profiles appropriate to each grade of file.
Hand files with corner radius profile teeth and wide chip breakers for easy, low force filing and very high metal removal rates no clogging of the teeth good filings clearance.
Flat faces with special cut, one side with filings breaker groove for highest removal rate. File with square end. Rear face with continuous cut for particularly fine finishing. File with plain end.


The quality file for workshop use with long tool life and high removal rate.

Application Table

Alu Mg
Steel < 900 N/mm²
Steel < 1400 N/mm²
Steel < 55 HRC
Steel < 60 HRC
Plastic, GRP