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CaraFin Diamond polishing kit 5-piece SET


CaraFin Diamond polishing kit 5-piece SET

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Polishing set with new style diamond polishing tools. The diamond grit is attached securely and positively to a flexible substrate without a bonding agent. This means that the majority of the grit is available to act as abrasive material. The effectiveness of this arrangement is significantly greater than that achieved by loose diamond grit in polishing pastes.


  • Greater removal rate.
  • Better surface quality.
  • Ancillary times for preparation and cleaning such as are required when polishing pastes are used are eliminated.


Ideally suited to manual contour-true polishing of e pre-ground surfaces on all materials. Moulds optimally to the workpiece geometry.
  • Polishing strip D151 - preliminary polishing
  • Polishing strip D64 - polishing
  • Polishing strip D10 - finish polishing
  • Polishing cloth (medium) D3 - gloss polishing
  • Polishing cloth (soft) D1 - high gloss polishing

Supplied with:

1× polishing cloth (medium) 180 x 90mm, coated with diamond grit D3, see also article 552790 D3
1× polishing cloth (soft) 180 x 75mm, coated with diamond grit D1, see also article 552785 D1
1× polishing strip 80x40x3mm, coated with diamond grit D10, see also article 557510 D10 (block) / 557521 D15 (self-adhesive strip) / 529115 D15 (polishing file)
1× polishing strip 80x40x3mm; coated with diamond grit D64, see also article 557510 D64 (block) / 557521 D64 (self-adhesive strip) / 529115 D64 (polishing file)
1× polishing strip 80x40x3mm; coated with diamond grit D151, see also article 557510 D151 (block) / 529115 D126 (polishing file)

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