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      Item no.: 657099

      QuickSelect torque wrench with adjustment locking, without plug-in head

      Brand: Stahlwille
      Test certificate Manufacturer’s test certificate
      Calibration O1
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      QuickSelect torque wrench with adjustment locking, without plug-in h...

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      Sturdy compact one-armed torque wrench, adjustable to scale and self-triggering. The accuracy is sustained for many thousands of operations, because high quality material is used for all wearing parts with stressed parts loaded only briefly on each occasion. Body and handle are of sturdy square section. Scales adjustable. Anti-clockwise tightening by pushing through the drive shank
      Without any plug-in head (basic model); see No. 657580 − 657950 for suitable plug-in heads.


      Can be pre-set using the scale, and secured against further changes by removal of the setting knob. Optionally the wrench can be secured against tampering using the locking screw and the sticker supplied.


      If the set value is reached while using the wrench, the wrench triggers giving a “signal” (acoustic and perceptible) and is then immediately ready for use again.


      Since the set torque can be varied, it is ideal for repairs and short series production.


      Tested to DIN EN ISO 6789.


      The guaranteed measuring accuracy of the torque is achieved only once the torque range has been calibrated to DIN EN ISO 6789.