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      Item no.: 319141

      eco parting-off blade holder Type 2

      Brand: GARANT
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      eco parting-off blade holder Type 2

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      Slim design in 4 versions. Can be mounted turned through 180° for normal and overhead use. Optimum tool combination for grooving and parting off operations between or close to headstock or tailstock, with minimum tool overhang.


      For use on radial turrets and in milling spindles on milling-turning centres.
      For use of eco grooving tools No. 273864− 273866.


      Lateral coolant feed for eco grooving tools.
      Versions RR and LR for using the grooving tool 273864. Versions RL and LL for grooving tool 273865. Versions RR and LL for grooving tool 273866.
      Suitable clamping claws can be ordered under article number 279991 and suitable clamping screws can be ordered under number 279990. See spare parts list.