The new HOLEX LED lamps

A complete range for the most diverse applications


The new generation of HOLEX lamps offer an impressive combination of the latest LED technology with outstanding light output performance and virtually unlimited working life (approx. 100,000 hours). The high CRI values and optimised colour temperature of HOLEX work lamps offer light that is not only specially bright but also remarkably natural.

Thus HOLEX lamps are the perfect companion for everyone who has to rely on their eyes under poor or variable lighting conditions, such as electricians, quality inspectors and industrial workers.

An overview of the impressive special features:

  • True colour LED with high CRI value (> 95) for optimum recognition of colour matching.
  • Focussable lamp head for bundled and concentrated illumination between 10° and 80°.
  • Even, neutral illumination.
  • Practical pocket clip and push-button.

What is the CRI value?

The CRI value gives information about the brilliance of the light. Work lamps like the HOLEX lamps with a high CRI value ensure true reproduction of colour without any blue tinge and with natural colour saturation. Absolutely reliable and precise colour recognition guaranteed!

The colour temperature is measured in Kelvin (K), and indicates whether an LED lamp emits warm or cold light – the higher the Kelvin value, the colder the light. The colour temperatures of HOLEX LED lamps lie in the range of daylight (approx. 5,700 – 7,000 K). This guarantees even and neutral illumination and creates ideal conditions for exact colour matching and the recognition of painting defects and the like. By using an optimum work light, defects such as polishing faults, defective weld seams etc. can be detected even during the course of work and time-intensive and costly rework can be avoided.

HOLEX work lamp

The handy LED cordless work lamps for various applications are dimmable, can be individually adjusted and have a magnetic base for flexible attachment.

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