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Recording measurement data has never been easier

The HCT Mobile app allows you to add additional features to your Bluetooth®-enabled tool. As a result, processes are integrated into the production flow even more efficiently, further improving the company’s standard of quality.

HCT mobile App

Using the HCT Mobile app is very simple:

First, the tools must be connected to the app via Bluetooth. As soon as the connection is established, measurement data captured on the tool can be sent to the smartphone or tablet. The app reliably saves all measurement data and outputs it all together in CSV format, including date of measurement, unit of measurement and many other parameters. The data sets can then be processed further in any PC application on the computer. Measurement parameters, target values and tolerance limits can be recorded in the app to make it easier to measure identical components. In the case of a deviation, a warning is issued to the user.

HCT-capable tools include dial indicators, calipers, torque wrenches and 3-point internal micrometers from the brands GARANT, HOLEX, Mitutoyo, Sylvac, Bowers Group and TESA . More tools are being added to this range all the time. As a result, tools for many different measuring operations are available to the quality management team in the workshop and production department.

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The app offers you a number of advantages


Clarity: One app for multiple tool groups.

Einfache Bedienbarkeit

Ease of use: Tools can be operated and adjusted via the app.


Save time: Record measurement values automatically without transmission errors.


Organisation: List and manage your tools via the app in the future.

Discover how simple the HCT Mobile app is to use

Obtain error-free measurements and record them easily with just one click: simply connect measurement tools equipped with HCT wirelessly via the app, then plan, perform and conveniently record the measurement tasks. Job done!

The most important measurement technology brands are supported

Explore the HCT Mobile app in the demo

  • Quick download
  • Simple set-up
  • Recognition of various different tools such as calipers, dial indicators and micrometers
  • Connect tools and transfer measurement values
  • Save or e-mail measurement values

Numerous features make your measurement processes more efficient

  • Live measurement values can be read directly
  • All HCT-capable devices can be viewed immediately in a list
  • Every measurement value can be sent to the HCT app by pressing the data button
  • Measuring results can be saved and/or sent directly to a PC, tablet or smartphone. This simplifies the setting up of measurement reports enormously
  • Remotely operate the caliper: set a preset value, assign the zero point
  • Set tolerances for a defined nominal dimension
  • Change the unit of measurement, Bluetooth connection profile and decimal separator (comma or dot)
  • For the French market: switch to the French keyboard layout for error-free display of measurement values transmitted via HID
  • Free of charge from the App Store and Google Play

Bluetooth®-enabled tools (can be used with and without the HCT Mobile app)

GARANT Digitaler Messschieber HCT IP67

Example application: GARANT HCT digital caliper IP67

The HCT smartphone app allows you to display the measurement data of your HCT caliper live, operate the caliper via the remote function (e.g. setting the preset value or the current zero point) and send the measurement values in consolidated form via a data export to any computer via e-mail.

To the product


  • he HCT caliper is not connecting to the HCT app.

    • Check that the tool is in search mode. This can be recognised by the flashing Bluetooth icon on the display.
    • Please select the specified and required Bluetooth connection type to connect to the HCT app. Select "APP" or "SIMPLE" mode to connect to the HCT app.
    • General Bluetooth connection: please check the Bluetooth settings of the mobile device to see if the tool is still listed under "MY DEVICES". Connecting via HID connects the tool directly to the mobile device. If it is still listed there, delete it from the "MY DEVICES" list by pressing the small "i" in the blue circle and selecting "Forget This Device" (IOS) or "UNPAIR" (ANDROID). Try again afterwards.
    • General Bluetooth setting: please allow "Access to my location". No location data will be collected through the use of the app after this. However, if you do not approve this, the Bluetooth connection may malfunction.

  • The HCT tool is not connecting to the PC.

    Check for the correct setting (HID Bluetooth profile). If the device has already been connected to the PC, delete the device from the device list and add it again. Reset the tool. Information that was incorrectly routed when executing the Bluetooth protocol will be corrected.

  • The PC does not have a built-in Bluetooth module.

    Use the appropriate Bluetooth dongle. This is connected via USB and should be automatically recognised by the operating system without requiring any additional software. If the required drivers are not available, they must be installed. You can determine whether you need to do this based on your PC’s response. It depends on which version of Windows you are using.

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Contact our HCT experts at any time. We would be happy to advise you on the HCT Mobile app or the topic of connected tools in general.

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