HOLEX. Absolutely straightforward. Strikingly clever.

Simple, quick and clever: Find the right tool for any standard requirement and get started right away. No empty promises – just HOLEX. The end result is the only thing that counts for us. That's why we've done away with a lot of things – all of the bells and whistles. So, what's left? Pure functionality. We are the clever alternative.

But can we do even more? Certainly. Our tools are also surprisingly cost-effective and provide top industrial quality.

HOLEX is the clever tool for hands-on types: No glamour. No bells and whistles. No compromises.

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Vernier calipers

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HOLEX. Not for show-off types. Only for hands-on types.

Don't miss it: our image film gets to the heart of how we see ourselves. HOLEX is for real hands-on types. Have a look at our campaign clips and see for yourself!

Why not take a look at our other campaign clips too.

Absolutely straightforward: simply put, your HOLEX tool offers exactly what you need.

We get to the point without beating about the bush – look no further than the HOLEX hexagon key L-wrench set. It’s small, handy and fits into any pocket, yet provides all the main sizes. The holder is also incredibly simple as it works without the need for a slide mechanism. What’s more, the individual sizes are printed on so you can quickly and easily find the wrench you need.

Strikingly clever: discover what that means for HOLEX.

We make clever tools. Tools designed to meet standard requirements in a smart way. Tools that are faster, better and simpler. But we won’t go into too much detail here – our new campaign neatly sums it up for you! Take a look at our campaign clips and discover why HOLEX is the clever choice.

HOLEX products

HOLEX Zerspanung

Machining and clamping technology

The smart way to do your work. Reduce costs with no compromises. Look no further than our machining and clamping technology. Precise, powerful and reliable.

Hand tools and measurement tools

Absolutely robust. Pure functionality. HOLEX hand tools are the clever alternative. If you want precision with no compromises, then our measurement tools are what you need.

PSA Persönliche Schutzausrüstung HOLEX

Personal protective equipment

When it comes to safety, we've got you covered – right down to your eyes and ears. Your personal protective equipment – from HOLEX eye protection to protective work wear.

HOLEX product-highlights


Outstanding light output and virtually unlimited life thanks to the latest LED technology.

HOLEX abrasive flap discs

The broad range of high-performance discs provides the right solution for all grinding applications.

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