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      Tapping chuck type DSPL with shank 12

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      Tapping chuck type DSPL with shank 12

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      • Double clamping is achieved by 3 jaws which centre the tap shank and by 4 additional jaws which clamp the tap square drive.
      • When set correctly, the safety clutch prevents tap breakage.
      • Blind hole threads can be tapped down to the bottom.
      • The self-adjustment mechanism compensates for misalignment errors between the machine spindle and the component.
      • The flexible length compensation is effective on compression and tension. It prevents the thread being cut incorrectly with manual or power feed.


      For tapping internal threads on reversible drilling machines, turret lathes. Applicable horizontally and vertically for right-handed threads.

      Supplied with:

      1 chuck key.


      Variant without length compensation available on request.
      Size 42 ( = MT 5, for metric threads M18 − 42) on request.