Hoffmann Group UK introduces the Guaranteed Savings Plan (GSP)

Hoffmann Group UK - Guaranteed Savings Plan

Discover how you can get your guaranteed savings report

The UK has failed to improve efficiency in manufacturing production costs over many decades and many companies expend disproportionate time and effort on indirect purchasing pricing actions.

Hoffmann Group UK works with clients to identify material savings opportunities, to increase productivity and drive efficiencies through the business.

With this unique approach Hoffmann Group UK will actually guarantee savings!

Our specialist team will work with your team hand in hand in order to achieve the guaranteed savings. We do need customer commitment though - we need access to projects, products and services that provide the opportunity to deliver savings. All savings projects are then documented and signed by both parties.

Hoffmann Group UK commits to target 20% documented savings and will underwrite 10% of the value - the guaranteed saving.

Hoffmann Group UK - Guaranteed Savings Plan Image
Hoffmann Group UK - Guaranteed Savings Plan Image

For a detailed projection of what you could save or if you have questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team. It’s time to start the conversation...

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