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Digitalise measurement processes and record them automatically

Would you like to make workflows more efficient and better integrate them into your production process? Are you looking for a functional and flexible solution with worker guidance for your production? Do you want to automate your documentation process and make it more reliable? We have the perfect solution for all your needs: the HCT Windows app.

It's very simple: order the HCT-Dongle from the eShop, download the software here, install it on a Windows device and get started with your HCT tools! This overview shows which HCT tools are compatible with the HCT Windows App.

The HCT Windows app offers you a number of advantages

Easily connect tools and transfer data wirelessly

Easy connection between app and measuring devices via Bluetooth®, with no annoying cables.

Central management of the measuring applications

Tools and measuring applications can be set up centrally and then easily transferred to production.

Easily create and customise workflows

Workflows can easily be created and adapted flexibly. No additional services and associated costs or training are required.

Automated and error-free recording of measurement data

All measurement data is reliably recorded and can be called up at any time. The automated transfer avoids errors and all measurements can be traced at any time.

Download HTC Windows app

Version: 2.9.9
Languages: de, en, fr, it, sk, es, pt, da, pl
Size: 12 MB
Date published: 24.05.2024
Windows operating system: Windows 10 or higher
General terms and conditions and terms of use

Release Notes

The following changes, improvements and bug fixes have been implemented in this software version:

Version 2.9.9

  • Tolerance values for length characteristics absolute, relative or according to ISO 286-1, ISO 2768-1
  • Assignment of properties (tags) to devices possible
  • Automatic selection of devices in the working plan based on properties / smart tags possible
  • Font size can be changed
  • Work plan can be assigned to stations
  • Direct stopping of the work plan possible
  • Improved report functionality

Version 2.8.9

  • Calibration interval for Garant and Holex torque wrenches can be set customer-specifically
  • Improved PDF and CSV report generation, Parameters can be configured
  • Bar chart display of live values in working plan can be configured
  • Display mode for torque wrenches can be configured as a work plan step
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

More downloads

Operating instructions

HCT Windows app manual

.NET Desktop Runtime

Microsoft software package (required)

Null-Modem Emulator

For connection to a third-party system (optional)


Find the correct firmware version for your HCT product here.

The right solution for everyone

Leiter Arbeitsvorbereitung

Andreas, Head of Work Planning

The perfect solution for digitalising our production line.

We were looking for a functional and flexible solution for digitalising a small production line. Many solutions were too complex for this purpose and required a high investment. We found the perfect solution in the HCT Windows app. I can now easily create and customise workflows myself. The settings are reliably transferred onto the tool and can be used by the operator.


Marco, Assembler

Thanks to HCT, I work more efficiently and with fewer errors than before.

All the settings are pre-programmed into the tool and the software guides me through the assembly steps. This means I don't forget any of the steps and I finish faster. In addition to this, I no longer have to manually document the measurement values and therefore have more time for my measurement tasks.


Verena, Quality Assurance

The automated documentation system records our measured data reliably and in a traceable way.

Manual data transfers often resulted in errors and meant expensive reworking. Now, the measurement data is recorded directly from the tool in a complete, secure and verifiable way. Data tampering is prevented, which enables us to supply our customers with traceable, high-quality products.

Modern features to optimise your production process

  • Worker guidance – visually supported with images for each screwdriving case
  • Password protection to prevent unauthorised access
  • CAQ connection (MUX50, DMX16 protocols)
  • .csv or .dfq files stored in a local folder
  • The workpiece’s serial number is linked directly and automatically to the associated measurement value Up to 16
  • HCT tools can be connected to a PC/laptop at the same time for each dongle
  • Processes can be planned via the app (thanks to the bidirectional interface, screwdriving cases do not need to be created on the tool)


  • Which firmware version does my tool need to use the HCT Windows app?

    GARANT electronic torque wrench 655010: Firmware Version: 3.31; BLE Version: 0.89

    HOLEX Electronic torque wrench 655025: Firmware Version: 1.1.5; BLE Version: 1.2.22

    Here you will find the latest firmware versions for your HCT tools.

  • Which version of Windows is required?

    Windows 10 or later

  • How far can the computer and the measuring device be from one another?

    In industrial environments: approx. 15 m

  • How do I connect the HCT Windows app to my CAQ software?

    The HCT Windows app allows data to be transferred to CAQ systems via COM ports. We recommend the use of virtual COM ports as provided by the Null-modem emulator from com0com (the link to this can be found further up with the downloads). The measurement values can be sent using the MUX50 or DMX16 protocol. If it is not possible to install suitable null-modem software, a hardware null modem can be used. If this is the case, please contact our support team, who can offer you a suitable device.

  • How do I uninstall the HCT WIN software?

    As per the standard Windows uninstall process

Looking for advice about HCT?

Contact our HCT experts at any time. We would be happy to advise you on the HCT Windows app or the topic of connected tools in general.

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