Integrate the Hoffmann Group eShop into your standardised purchasing processes

You can automatically access your Hoffmann Group eShop – including your personalised product data and individual prices – from your materials management system or your eProcurement platform using the process. To place an order, fill the shopping basket as usual and transfer it via OCI or PunchOut to your materials management system or eProcurement platform. The order then undergoes your internal approval process, and following approval, is sent back to the Hoffmann Group via EDI. This means you avoid manual processes and data entry errors, along with the costs resulting from these.

OCI (Open Catalog Interface) is an SAP standard interface which enables you to access your Hoffmann Group eShop at the click of a button, in order to place your desired items in the shopping basket and transfer the product data to your SAP system. You can then generate an order from this.

PunchOut is a cXML interface which was introduced by the procurement platform ARIBA. Generally, this is where the transfer from your procurement platform (e.g. SAP ARIBA) to your Hoffmann Group eShop occurs: you fill your shopping basket as usual and transfer it via PunchOut to your procurement platform.

The benefits to you of using OCI/PunchOut

  • Quicker and easier access to individual product data and prices
  • Access to configurable items
  • Access to comprehensive product information, including technical data, user tables and data sheets
  • Avoidance of manual data entry errors
  • Compliance with your internal approval processes
  • Reduction in your procurement costs

OCI/PunchOut at the Hoffmann Group

  • Product and service information available in 18 languages
  • Access to more than 100,000 items
  • Access to configurable items
  • Individual prices
  • Connection to your materials management system or procurement platform
  • Support of eCl@ss and UNSPSC

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